‘We’re nothing but a revenue source’ to politicians

Politicians loot wallets, insult intelligence and do nothing of substance for taxpayers.

Editor: The people have had enough government bullying, intimidation, meddling, arrogance and stupidity — and that goes for all levels. It is apparent that government sees the public only as a revenue source to feed their mistakes and their dreams.

Witness the Langley Events Centre debacle locally, the continuing HST mess and now the Port Mann Bridge tolls. The people spoke loud and clear with the HST and were ignored. Ditto the Port Mann.

It is evident that the government still manages to snow a few people, judging by the number of people justifying the intended toll, which is simply another tax.

The new transportation minister heroine in Mary Polak (another cabinet shuffle installing under-qualified or unqualified representation) saves the day by cutting tolls in half. Give me a break.

That decision was made long before she knew she was going to inherit this plum position. People listen.

Jean Chretien initiated a gas tax when he was in power to finance the rebuild of the federal infrastructure and we are still paying that tax today. So how many times do you want to pay for this bridge?

The bridge should have been built 20 years ago and the money should already be there. What the tolls are for is to cover the half billion dollar fast ferry mistake, the HST scam and government pensions, perks and write-offs.

I personally have had enough because they are not only looting my wallet, they are also insulting my intelligence. I am waiting for government to convince the public that the culling of the penny will somehow cost them money so we will have to have another tax to cover the shortfall. Let’s call it the penniless tax.

Richard Keill,