Who has first priority in using soccer fields?

Do teams from outside the area have priority over Langley taxpayers in using artificial turf fields?

Editor: I am not sure who to address this to at the Langley Township council office, so I thought I would ask if you could assist in my concern.

I am a new resident of Langley, recently relocated from England. I am an avid football (soccer) supporter, as are my two sons.

On Sunday morning, Aug. 19, at 10 a.m., my two sons and I went to the Langley Events Centre football fields to kick a ball around. When we arrived there, all three turf fields were in use.

There was an old-timers game on one of them, a training session on the other and then what really caught my eye was a game between a boys’ team and a girls’ team on the third field.

I said to my sons “what a great community we have moved to, to see such utilization of council fields.”

However, after watching the boys vs. girls game and speaking to one of the parents, I realized they were two teams from another community — Abbotsford. Their shirts had Magnuson Ford printed on them.

My question is simple. As a taxpayer in the community of Langley, do teams from outside the area have priority over a Langley taxpayers?

S. Watson,