Young people needed on Langley City council

Broken promise on truck traffic shows that Langley City's word cannot be trusted

Editor: Langley City residents need to wake up and vote, and bring in some young people with fresh ideas — people whose word you can trust.

In a 2011 meeting at Nicomekl Elementary, regarding the triple overpass project, concerns about truck traffic on 196 Street were brought up. Gary Vlieg, the City director of engineering at that time, said the road would only be two lanes south of 56 Avenue, and would never be designated as a truck route.

Any trucks must be making local deliveries, and not cutting through, he said.

Throughout all the discussions regarding the overpasses and 196 Street, only Councillor Dave Hall has questioned anything, and kept the residents in touch with the  project.

V. Dirks,

Langley City