Zoo employees care deeply for animals

The zoo has had a great deal to do with helping engender a love of animals in young people.

Editor: I read with a sad heart (The Times, Nov. 6) that Jafari, the 12-year-old giraffe at the Greater Vancouver Zoo has passed.

But what upset me more was the ending of this sad news article. I believe the last two paragraphs were not necessary.

Why, may I ask, would you want to change the direction or tone of  news story to a negative topic that had nothing to do with this sad event?

These zoo employees are hard workers and care deeply for these animals.They are their second families. For some, maybe they are their only family.

I for one send my sympathies to all the staff at the Greater Vancouver Zoo for their loss. I, being a lover of animals of all kinds, feel your pain.

This zoo and all the animals were a big part of our family for years, when our son was younger. It gave us many years of family outings and, to this day, my son has animals in his life. It is a joy to see him share his time with many animal organizations.

The zoo was his stepping stone and I say thank you.

Rest in peace, Jafari.

Wendy Minar,

Langley City