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5 ways to keep your cool and celebrate Canada Day in style

From cooling umbrellas to the perfect seat for a long-weekend pool party, we'll get you ready for fun in the sun!
Everything you need to keep cool this Canada Day! Photos:

While many see the May long-weekend as the unofficial kick-off to summer, the party really gets going for Canada Day, especially for those years like 2024 when the July 1 holiday tacks on an extra day to the weekend!

Marking the anniversary of the confederation of Canada, the holiday was originally known as Dominion Day, before being renamed Canada Day in 1982, following the partition of Canada’s constitution.

As one of the rare annual holidays that we can reliably count on good weather,  it's no surprise that barbecues, outdoor parties and lake days are popular pastimes.

To help you prepare for this year's festivities, here's a look at five sensational ways to celebrate – at home, or on the road:

  1. Attend public events on Canada Day: Many cities and towns host official Canada Day celebrations that include parades, fireworks and delicious food, not to mention a chance to enjoy local entertainment as Canadian musicians take centre stage! Showcase your national pride with Canada Day temporary tattoos and handheld flags, or don a Canada Day ball cap to stay festive white shielding the summer sun.
  2. Participate in a citizenship ceremony: Canada Day is a popular date for holding citizenship ceremonies. Attending – whether to welcome new Canadians or to celebrate your own citizenship – can be a profoundly patriotic experience. For those attending or participating in citizenship ceremonies, wearing a Canada pride vintage t-shirt can be a great way to celebrate becoming a new Canadian while showcasing pride in your new homeland. 
    Sport the red, white and maple leaf for all your Canada Day festivities. Photos:


  3. Community barbecues or picnics: Gathering with friends, family or neighbours for a barbecue or picnic is a favourite way to celebrate. Enjoy traditional Canadian foods like poutine or barbecued meats, with treats like butter tarts or Nanaimo bars. For some freshness on the warm summer day, use a watermelon cuber/slicer for easy and quick serving of fresh watermelon. Keep your drinks cool with a portable cooler and can cooler sleeves, and serve snacks on plates decorated with Canada Day flag toothpicks
  4. Camping or cottage getaways: Take advantage of the long weekend and enjoy the outdoors. Pack a mystical fire changing packet to create a unique bonfire experience.

    Don’t forget bug bite relief for any insect bites during outdoor activities, and if you want to keep cool and avoid a sunburn during all the festivities, set up a sun umbrella with built-in mist and fan, keeping the sun off your skin and summer heat at bay.
  5. Cultural and historical activities: Visiting museums or historical sites, especially those that focus on Canadian history, is another way to honour Canada Day. Many such venues offer special programming or reduced admission fees on July 1. Carry a lightweight portable seat for comfortable seating while you explore museums or historical sites.

No matter how you plan to celebrate Canada Day, pack a hat, remember the sunscreen and be sure to have fun!

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