Thunderbird hosting show for ‘adrenalin junkies’

Thunderbird hosting show for ‘adrenalin junkies’

BC Ranch Cutting Horse Association holding last show of season in Langley

Adrenaline junkies with a craving for high speed action and raw horsepower  can get their fill on Saturday.

The BC Ranch Cutting Horse Association is holding its last show of the season on Saturday at Thunderbird Show Park.

The B.C. Ranch Cutting Horse Association is a grass-roots club based in the Fraser Valley which promotes the sport of cutting.

In yesteryear when a cowboy and his trusty four-legged ATV needed to doctor a cow out on the lone prairie the horse and rider had to “cut” the animal out of the herd.

Over the years the sport developed as way for ranchers and cowhands to show off their expertise and earn bragging rights for their cow-savvy horses.

The day’s activities will kick off at 9 a.m. and run through out the day.

Feature classes include the open, non-pro and $10,000 novice classes.

Plus the afternoon will include the  crowd-pleasing Bridleless Invitational. If there was ever any doubt that these horses don’t enjoy what they are doing, this class will lay that notion to rest in a hurry.

So why not step into your cowboy boots and venture on over to Thunderbird Show Park, we will be auctioning off the bridleless contestants, with the proceeds going to B.C. Children’s Hospital.

For further information on the B.C. Ranch Cutting Horse Association, visit

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