Drinking water

Cloverdale businessman funds wells in Cambodia

Revive Washing in Clayton Heights donates three per cent of profits to charity


Fears wells may run dry as Langley aquifer drops

Residents over the Hopington aquifer are worried about recent declines


Stage 1 watering restrictions take effect in Metro Vancouver May 1

Lawn-watering limited to two days per week until mid-October

  • Apr 30, 2020


Ugandan water tap with Langley connection plays role in COVID-19 safety measures

Langley Fine Arts held fundraiser one year ago through Acts of Water charity walk

Township told to tighten control of big projects by Auditor General for Local Government

Review found ‘gaps’ in handling of $35.38 million East Langley Water Supply (ELWS) project

Brown water in Murrayville prompts changes in system

Local well water in the system will be reduced

Our View: No quick fix on water supply issues

A new audit suggests some long term changes to how Langley manages water

  • Aug 24, 2019

Water audit suggests changes for Langley Township

The provincial review suggests everything from whistleblower rules to conservation changes