Question of the week: Do you plan to attend Remembrance Day services at one of Langley’s four cenotaphs on Sunday, Nov. 11?

Do you plan to attend Remembrance Day services at one of Langley’s…

  • Nov 5, 2018

Question of the Week: Should B.C. move to proportional representation?

Do you support a move to proportional representation or should B.C. stick…

  • Oct 31, 2018

POLL: What influenced your municipal vote?

If you marked a ballot, we’re interested in how you made your choice.

  • Oct 29, 2018
Langley skateboarder competes in world championships
Students in Langley run their own restaurant
A personal reno for Aldergrove home reno winner
Crash at Langley airport

Web Poll: Are you planning to use cannabis recreationally now that it’s legal?

Are you likely to use cannabis recreationall, now that it’s legal to…

  • Oct 17, 2018

Web Poll: Have you decided which candidates will get your vote on Oct. 20?

Do you already know who you’ll be voting for on Oct. 20…

  • Oct 10, 2018

Web Poll: Was the City correct to lock an outreach group out of Rotary Centennial Park?

On Wednesday, Sept. 19, the City of Langley locked the gate of…

  • Sep 26, 2018

POLL: Will you be heading to the polls in October?

Elections for mayor, council, and school board are coming up. Is it worth lining up to vote?

  • Sep 19, 2018

POLL: Election lawn signs

How do you feel about the ubiquitous signs that will soon be all over Langley?

  • Sep 6, 2018

Web poll: Would you support a B.C.-wide ban on smoking in condos and townhouses?

A Langley mother is fed up with second hand smoke seeping into…

  • Sep 5, 2018

POLL: Return to classrooms reason to celebrate or weep?

Are you looking forward to, or dreading, the return to classes in Langley?

  • Aug 30, 2018

Web poll: How prepared are you for back-to-school

The first day of the new school year is less than two…

  • Aug 29, 2018

POLL: How have you dealt with the smoky air?

The haze has been around for a while, has it affected you?

  • Aug 23, 2018

Web Poll: How attached are you to your smartphone

About 20 per cent of Canadians admit they have trouble setting down their device

  • Aug 22, 2018

POLL: Was TWU right to make the Community Covenant optional?

The Christian school’s covenant has been at the centre of two lengthy legal battles.

  • Aug 16, 2018

Web Poll: Have you had enough of the hot, dry weather yet?

Are you enjoying the hot dry summer or would a stretch of…

  • Aug 15, 2018

POLL: Bears begone?

Should bears in Langley be swiftly removed, or left in peace?

  • Aug 9, 2018

POLL: Light rail good for Langley?

What do you think of the planned light rail link?

  • Aug 2, 2018

Web Poll: LRT or SkyTrain, which system would better serve Langley commuters?

Would you prefer to see SkyTrain or LRT service connecting Langley with…

  • Aug 1, 2018

POLL: What would make you run for council?

Local elections are coming up soon.

  • Jul 28, 2018

Web poll: Are you OK with the school district asking about students’ vaccination status?

How do you feel about the Langley School District’s new policy to…

  • Jul 25, 2018