Workers install solar panels at a photovoltaic power station in Hami in northwestern China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Monday Aug. 22, 2011. The Biden administration's solar power ambitions are colliding with complaints the global industry depends on Chinese raw materials that might be produced by forced labor. One big hurdle is polysilicon from Xinjiang, commonly used to make photovoltaic cells for solar panels. (Chinatopix via AP)

WEB POLL: Should B.C. mandate more environmentally friendly buildings?

Tightening building codes could cut greenhouse gas and energy use

Provincial and municipal codes have changed over the years to make new structures more environmentally friendly, with an emphasis on energy efficiency.

But should Victoria do more? The province could mandate everything from electric vehicle hookups in all new homes to better insulation and windows to green roofs on institutional buildings, to banning natural gas in favour of electric heating and cooking.

The changes would doubtless be controversial, and could easily push up the cost of housing – not something new home buyers need right now.

But in the long term, with a climate crisis ravaging B.C., should the province push ahead faster?

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