Curiosity can be answered with click of the mouse

Langley Township introduces online app that allows public to track building permit activity

Wondering what is being built on the property around the corner?

Eager to know where your own building permit inspections are at?

Those who are curious about construction in their community or want to know how certain projects are proceeding can now find out with a few clicks on the computer.

Langley Township has introduced a new online application that allows the public to track building permit activity.

It can be found on the Township’s website at, under the Land Use and Development section, or go directly to

Residents can also subscribe to an RSS feed that will send new information to their mobile devices or email as it is updated.

“We want to continue to ensure that municipal information is more accessible and easy to find,” said Information Technology manager Steve Scheepmaker.

Earlier this year, the Township’s IT department teamed up with the community development division to provide instant online access to development statistics and activities at, after residents requested more regularly updated information.

“Given the positive feedback that we have received for the development activity tool, we quickly identified building permits as the next logical step,” Scheepmaker said.

“This is information you can get from the permit, licence and inspection services counter at the Township’s Civic Facility, but now you can access it when you want it, any time, any day.”

“This is something we think will be a valuable tool for both Township residents and those working within the development community,” said Township assistant chief building inspector Robert Baker.

The information is updated daily as inspections are performed on site.

“This new application lets users determine when a building permit has been issued and what the status of associated inspections may be as the work progresses,” he added.

“The search allows for queries by address as well as by permit type so that people can stay more informed of projects happening within their community.”