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VIDEO: Canada’s first electric work trucks being built in Aldergrove

Vicinity Motor Corp. unveils new trucks which qualify for Transport Canada’s $550-million EV subsidy

Vicinity Motor Corporation (VMC) launched VMC 1200, Canada’s first Class 3 electric truck – manufactured at its headquarters in Aldergrove.

The newly designed vehicle, which comes in various designs and uses, can be used for applications ranging from construction and utility to deliveries.

The medium zero-emission vehicle also qualifies for Transport Canada’s $550-million subsidy program.

The vehicles will be able to sustainably contribute to the public and private transportation systems across Canada and the United States of Americ, said John LaGourgue, vice president of sales and corporate development.

“The VMC 1200 will help British Columbia and Canada become leaders in the EV sector, while supporting ambitious government targets for net-zero transportation, local job growth, and economic diversification,” said William Trainer, founder and chief executive officer. “[The vehicle] has only become more appealing to commercial transportation operators seeking to reduce costs, eliminate carbon emissions, and run more efficient fleets.”

VMC 1200’s launch on Tuesday was celebrated in Aldergrove in the presence of company executives, key suppliers, and others.

“We have developed the product in-house in Aldergrove. That is a huge milestone. We are proud of our team,” commented Trainer.

About 100 units of VMC 1200 are available for buyers, with many more units being manufactured.

“Until the launch of the VMC 1200, commercial transportation operators lacked a durable and reliable zero-emission class 3 truck at a competitive price point. Now, with North American light- and medium-duty EV inventories projected to top one million by 2030 and six million by 2040, the VMC 1200 provides yet another example of VMC setting itself apart from other commercial vehicle manufacturers,” Trainer concluded.

Top features of the vehicle include:

● Li-Ion battery technology that provides up to 150 kWh of power

● Full charging at Level 2 in five to seven hours, and at Level 3 in 2.5 hours, via a CCS1

Combo Plug

● 241 kilometers/150 miles of range on a single charge

● Ultra-quiet operation ideal for urban environments

● Applications ranging from delivery truck to dump truck to work truck

● Payload of approximately 2,495 kg/5,500 lbs

● Standard five-year warranty

Vicinity Motor Corp. is a North American supplier of electric vehicles for both public and commercial enterprise use. The company supplies its flagship electric, CNG and clean-diesel Vicinity buses, the VMC 1200 electric truck and a VMC optimal-EV shuttle bus.

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VMC 1200 – Canada’s first Class 3 electric truck was launched in Aldergrove on Tuesday, Oct. 6. (Tanmay Ahluwalia/Langley Advance Times)
VMC 1200 – Canada’s first Class 3 electric truck was launched in Aldergrove on Tuesday, Oct. 6. (Tanmay Ahluwalia/Langley Advance Times)

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