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Aldergrove author released another fantasy novel

It is the third book in the Boone and Jacque series

After the death of his mother spurred him to become a writer to deal with his grief, an Aldergrove author has released a third sequel to his urban fantasy series.

And there’s a fourth one coming soon, shared author Andre Gress.

His lates novel, titled Boone and Jacque: Saddleton Haunting, is an adventure tale about two orphans saving their town from a threatening and mysterious spirit.

It was 2020 when Gress first introduced these characters, Boone and Jacque, to the world with his first-ever fantasy novel.

“I am now working on book four of this series. But, I am still questioning whether it should be the last book, because not many people have read it. Also, I want to make sure I conclude the story correctly,” Gress shared with the Langley Advance Times.

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It took him six to eight months to finish the latest release, said Gress, who works full time at the Greater Vancouver Zoo in the trade and maintenance department. Then, after the writing part was finished, he hired an editor and an illustrator to complete the final version of the book, including the cover.

Gress decided to become a writer a year after his mother passed away.

“I used writing to get through my grief. I later realized my purpose as a writer is to always keep learning from the ups and downs in life,” he said.

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Gress shared that J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books, used to be his only inspiration.

But, as his taste in reading evolved, he started looking up to more authors. Daniel Handler, Stephen King, Kenneth A. Tucker, and Brian Jacques are some of the authors who also inspire him.

He expects readers will acknowledge his beliefs on diversity, sexual acceptance, and anti-racism that get reflected in his writings.

“I always try to show human beings as human beings regardless of what their background is,” he added.

There are some more fantasy novels that Gress has in the working, and he plans to release them as soon as they are finished. But he didn’t want to divulge too much, just yet.

He was recently awarded a Literary Titan Book Award from an organization comprised of editors and writers, which also offers paid services for editorial reviews.

Readers can reach out to the author on Facebook or email at

All three of his books are available at Indigo in Langley and online via Amazon.

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