Riders taking part in equine therapy (Madison McKenzie/Aldergrove Star)

Riders taking part in equine therapy (Madison McKenzie/Aldergrove Star)

Aldergrove’s Valley Therapeutic Equestrian Association heals community

Wellness program helps community greive

The pandemic caused loss and stress for many businesses, but Valley Therapeutic Equestrian Association (VTEA) rose, thanks to the community.

During the pandemic, VTEA started providing equine therapy for people struggling with anxiety.

Equine therapy uses horses and horse movement to help people struggling with mental health.

The therapy is used as a way to calm the nervous system down, by grooming and touching the horses, working closely with them and, going on rides, it helps the built up tension leave the body.

Following the beginning of equine therapy at VTEA, Lynn Moseley, president, said a front line hero’s program was created, to focus on helping those who are required to work through the pandemic.

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“We use horses as a way of allowing people to come on site, in a beautiful environment to work with our horses, and clear the stress, tension and anxiety that they are carrying with them,” said Moseley.

The front line hero’s program became increasingly popular throughout the pandemic, giving people a place to get outside and forget about the stress in their lives for a few hours.

“Valley used this as an opportunity to steam another program,” she added.

VTEA has created a wellness program, directed at anyone dealing with grief or loss.

“We had a paramedic who was in the front line hero’s program, who used the wellness program, not for himself, but for his kids after his wife had passed away. He wanted to help them through the process, so two days after she had passed, they were at Valley,” said Moseley.

Moseley has also seen, mothers, who are grieving the loss of their child, and teens working through other challenges.

“The front line hero’s program allowed for Valley to include this bigger piece, the wellness program includes anyone with any kind of struggle,” she said.

Moseley said, the new program has been very popular with both adults and kids.

“This kind of program is a novel approach to clinical counselling and therapy,” said Moseley.

People who are struggling with mental health related to the pandemic or non-pandemic related grief, can visit VTEA online, to learn more about the program right for them.

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Riders taking part in equine therapy (Madison McKenzie/Aldergrove Star)

Riders taking part in equine therapy (Madison McKenzie/Aldergrove Star)