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Banana bread backlash was as instant as it was intense

Stance taken against the beloved loaf stirred up plenty of emotion among readers
Banana bread has little new to offer, no matter how you try to jazz it up, says our food columnist.

Who knew a little rant on banana bread in my last column would result is so much feedback?  It was instant, the ink wasn’t dry on the paper.

People tracked me down at the store, via email, hassled me on Facebook and even on the phone.

I considered briefly the need to relocate. Had I known the level of passion and commitment people have towards banana bread I never would have even thrown my two cents into the ring.

I had no idea it was sacred and I was on such a slippery slope.

How could I decry banana bread? It was like I ran over someone’s dog.

I “obviously just haven’t had a good one,” I “clearly haven’t been making it right” or “tried the right variation.”


I’m pretty sure I have had some of the best banana bread ever baked but I still can’t love it.

Deal people.

I was however also reminded that there are several uses for bananas that I had neglected to mention that I do occasionally enjoy.

In fact, I was reminded just yesterday while preparing for a dinner party when a guest texted to find out if I was making my banofee pie for dessert. And if I wasn’t, would I?  They were having a craving.

Oh, banofee pie, how I had I forgotten about this little treasure?

With that flavour so clearly etched in my mind, sharing the craving my dinner guest mentioned just minutes ago, I march to the local grocery store to purchase precisely four bananas, the exact number I need to make one banofee pie.

Not three, not five — exactly four.

I do not want to have to deal with leftover bananas ever again.  Now for those who haven’t had the pleasure of a little banofee action, it is a killer combination of gloriously caramelized sweetened condensed milk, fresh bananas and whipping cream, placed atop a buttery, pecan-laced graham cracker crust.  It’s a great little dessert.

Google it, you’ll love it.  I added some toasted coconut, just because I could — it was a big hit.

So, while I have decided that banana bread is dead to me there is apparently still a place in my life for bananas.

I have decided that I need to plan to use them and purchase only what I need, when I need.

No more frozen bananas for this gal and hopefully no more banana related hate mail.

Next up — bananas foster, you know I love a little booze in my dessert.

Angie Quaale is a local foodie and owner of Well Seasoned gourmet food store.