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Coghlan Elementary student gifted trike designed for his mobility issues

Aldergrove bike shop shop, Cranky’s, helped secure funding for the tricycle
Heath McKenzie from Cranky’s Bike Shop delivered a Christmas gift to Lennox Unruh, a Grade 2 student with different abilities at Coghlan Fundamental Elementary. (Special to the Star)

Heath McKenzie from Cranky’s Bike Shop delivered a special Christmas gift to Lennox Unruh, a second grade student with different motor abilities at Coghlan Fundamental Elementary on Dec. 17.

Mrs. Kadagies, a special education assistant at Coghlan, who has worked with Lennox for three years and has watched him learn to walk and become mobile – wondered if there was a bike that could help him be more independent.

In collaboration with Marsalie Black, a SD35 physiotherapist, they approached the Aldergrove bike shop, to see if it was possible to get an adaptive bike for Lennox.

“We have connections to Coghlan, my wife went there and we have a lot of customer’s whose kids go there,” McKenzie said. “If someone local comes in and needs help, we want to help out best we can.”

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Thanks to JG Louis Foundation, The Rotary Club of Aldergrove, The Langley School District Foundation, and Cranky’s Bike Shop – the $4,000 cost of the bike was secured.

The adaptive tricycle is a handcrafted Freedom Concepts bike, built with Lennox’s needs in mind and brought in just in time for the holidays.

“We tested it out and made sure it was safe, “McKenzie said. “It was amazing to see him get on and start to pedal and smile.”

Lennox’s parents say they are so excited that Lenny will now be able to ride with his brother and sister.

“This is truly a Christmas story of how community comes together to make dreams come true,” the Unruh family said.


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