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COVID-19 has slowed Langley Pos-Abilities Society’s donation rate, organizers say

Paul Volchoff, manager of the Personal Assistive Devices program, said more scooters are needed

Langley Pos-Abilities Society, a non-profit aimed at aiding people with mobility issues, is having trouble finding scooter donations to keep up with the local demand.

Paul Volchoff, vice president and manager of the personal assistive devices (PAD) program, said COVID-19 has really impacted how Langley Pos-Abilities provides services by costing more to operate and decreasing abilities to raise funds.

“We have had to cancel five events this year due to COVID-19 and possibly more if the virus is still on going this year where groups of people cannot be together in the same place at the same time,” Volchoff said.

Langley Pos-Abilities Society is a non-profit volunteer supported agency that helps improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, including those living with mobility issues, hearing loss, blindness, plus many other conditions requiring assistive devices.

For the last 10 years, Langley Pos-Abilities has been providing refurbished used equipment to members of the community who could not get these devices any other way as well as education, advocacy, accessibility audits and assistance to people with disabilities in Langley.

Volchoff said July is typically a very hot month and people want to get out and do various activities such as swimming, biking, being in nature, and just getting out of the house to find a cool place to relax.

“Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, our PAD Program has experienced a low donation rate especially with scooters,” he noted. “Currently there are six people on the wait list for scooters.”

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Scooters provide independent freedom for people with disabilities who can’t walk long or even short distances.

Volchoff suggested becoming a society member or ambassador, board of directors member, or equipment pick-up and drop-off volunteer if people wish to help.

“Langley Pos-Abilities Society is a community within a community, providing a hand up rather than a hand-out,” Volchoff explained. “Please check out our website and see how you can provide a hand up in these challenging times we are facing with COVID-19.”

A scrap metal recycling program where people can donate old tire rims and other materials was started earlier this year.

Bins have been set at various automotive centres in Langley so people can donate directly to Langley Pos-Abilities Society.

Fraser Valley Recycling also accepts clunker cars, with donations going to help fund new and refurbished scooters.

People can visit for more.


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