Langley kids write to Santa

Here's the final set of children's letters to Santa from Langley students.

Dear Santa, for criismas I want my dad to feel better because he has canser and what my dad would like for crismas is a marbars and my mom would like a candle and my sister would like candy –

from your friend

Anabel Faye, Grade 3, R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary

Dear Santa,

my name is owen. For Christmas I would like a Pokemon’s stuffy. I would also like a puppy. Is your beard really long?


Owen Sulymka, Grade 3, R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary




Dear Santa,

can I Please have American Girl dolls


Makenna Niesh, Grade 3, R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary




Dear Santa,

How are your reindeer? I want a phone (samsang) and I will put out milk and cookies and I hope you have a safe trip on your sla and I hope Rudolph gids your sla at night.


Brandon Leece, Grade 2, James Hill Elementary



Dear Santa,

I hope you are going to have fun. handing out presents and riding in your slay for Christmas. I want a fish. Love,

Ethan Murphy, Grade 2, James Hill Elementary



Dear Santa,

My name is Samantha.

I enjoy to go to gymnastics because I love the tramplene. How long does it take you to delifer all the presents?

Also how do you know if all the kids are bad or good?

All I want for Christmas is to be happy and to be loved.


Samantha Thompson, Grade 3, R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary



Dear Santa,

Hi Santa my name is Ha Yun. I really like December, Because in December ther’s my Birth Day and Christmas. What’s your favorite reindeer?


Ha Yun Kwak, Grade 3, R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary



Dear Santa,

Is it true that Rudolphs nose is radar?

How did you find Rudolph? Some peopel say you found Rudolph buried in the snow but I dont believe that.

How many Presants do the elves make in a day.

From your friend,

Nyah Grewal, Grade 3, R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary


Dear Santa, Hi! my name is Hannah. I enjoy evey senol christmas and Peopels do not bleve you but I do. can I get a hachmol and elv on the Shelf if they have it? Will you need Rudolph this year? What is your favourite snak, cookie and milk?


Hannah Li, Grade 3, R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary



Dear Santa, I love Christmas. Last year I gought my cat toys. for christmas I want a computer and a Blastos ex Bake.

from Aaryan Thandi, Grade 3, R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary



Dear Santa,

My name is Bilal I woud Please like too have a R.E.V, ramp and a Kaos rival and my last thing I want is a buggati – RC car thats it hoos your favourite rain deer this is me and you [drawing]


Bilal Sehgal, Grade 3, R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary


Dear Santa,

I will be asking a lot of questions in this letter becasue I am writing a letter at home, that is already one page long! That one page is full of qustions! I might ask a lot of qustions though. Like these how old is Rudolph? Do you have a christmas tree, christmas lights, or inflatible balloons? When is your birthday? How do you get all around the world in one night? How much cookies do you eat on Christmas night? Do only Canadian people put out cookies for you to eat? How do Reindeer fly? Can you rembemer every kids name in the world? How much milk do you drink a day? Are cookies your favorite food? Do elves go to school? How many pounds do you weigh? How long do you sleep? Do you have an atv. Do you have a tv? Do you have heat in your sleigh? Do your elves make elves on the shelfs? How much money do you have? What kind of pens do you use? Do you recieve the newspaper? How many of your elves like minecraft? Do elves work 24 hours a day? How much books do you have in your library? How old are elves? Do elves have computers? Do you have a boat? Do penguins ever visit you in the North Pole? Do you have kids? OK thats about it for this letter.

From your friend,

Jerrin Dhaliwal, Grade 3, R.C. Garnett Elementary


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