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Mysterious red objects sighted in Langley City skies

A couple out for a walk in Langley City on Sunday night were shocked by what they saw in the sky.

A couple out for a walk in Langley City on Sunday night were shocked by what they saw in the sky.

The pair, who wish to remain anonymous, reported seeing multiple red, soundless objects flying in the sky above Newlands Drive, between 208th and 216th Streets.

“It was about 10:40 p.m., and we looked up and saw what appeared to be a red object flying fairly high. There were other planes flying in the airport area, so I thought it was just a plane. But, it was red and soundless, which was strange,” said the woman.

The couple also noted the object was flying from south to north, towards Langley City, and that they stopped to watch it, as it had no sound.

As they continued their walk, they also saw seven more similar objects within a span of about 20 minutes.

“It was not like a train. They were scattered, with a distance of maybe three or four minutes between them. And they were all like, red, soundless, fairly substantial sized,” she recounted.

The couple reported that they did not have their phones with them to take pictures or videos, but they called the airport to inquire if any pilots had reported seeing the objects.

The couple, who are not “UFO believers” were informed that it may have been a police helicopter.

“But I don’t think so because I saw more than one at the same time. So it’s not a police helicopter. And there were eight of them.”

The couple is now curious to know if anyone else in the community experienced the sighting and if anyone has any information on what the objects might have been.


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