Online radio station highlighted at Arts Alive

The station gives young people a chance to get involved in broadcasting and expressing themselves.

A next generation online radio station for young people will be highlighted at this Saturday’s Arts Alive event in downtown Langley City.

From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., TV and radio host Terrance Evans and his board are welcoming young poets, youth, politicians and media to the grand opening of ACME Arts Society’s ACME Youth Radio. It is also known as It will be at the Langley Arts Council courtyard, 20550 Fraser Highway.

ACME Arts Society is a non-profit agency that aims to create an opportunity for young people (ages nine to 25) to express themselves via the arts. YACME is one of the ways in which they will be doing that. It is a next generation online radio and eventually television station. It will be broadcasting live 24/7, with all programming hosted, edited, filmed, and created by youth.

The station will give the kids a voice to express their understanding of the world they live in and what it is like to be a teenager or young adult today. It also allows the community to hear their views on what is happening at home and abroad, their thoughts on various issues, and will showcase the arts in a creative way.

Saturday’s events include an outdoor stage hosting slam poetry, live music, a poetry scrawl board, poems for sale, and youth broadcasting live from the outdoor courtyard.

A number of local sponsors are making the event happen, including Scotia Bank, McFrugals, Liquidation World and the Langley Arts Council.

Evans is a Vancouver radio talk show host, and producer of numerous TV, radio, and internet online shows. In 2001, he began the first internet radio show in Vancouver.

His dream was to one day teach youth some of these skills and allow them a voice to express their creativity.

Live and archived broadcasts can be heard on