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Remembering Radio hopes to uncover memories

Researchers looking for residents 78 years of age to help with project


Calling all 78-year-olds — and better.

A team of researchers from York University in Toronto would like Langley residents aged 78 and over to tune into their research on radio.

Aidan Moir is one of the research assistants work on the Remembering Radio project with Prof. Anne MacLennan.

"The objective of the Remembering Radio project is to record and save early memories of radio in the lives of everyday Canadians," Moir said.

"The hope is to discover more about the role of radio in the homes and lives of ordinary Canadians from its inception," she said.

The phase of the project involving local seniors is centred on listeners’ memories from the 1930s, he added, noting that studies of radio audience, their opinions, likes and dislikes, program preferences, and the role of Canadian radio, are rare.

"The information that the listeners from that time period have to share is very valuable to this project," she said.

People who have time to spend with an interviewer can help shed some light on this long neglected area of broadcasting history.

"We are looking for Canadians to interview who were born in 1932 or earlier, so 78-years-old or older, to interview about their memories of radio during the 1930s in Canada," she said.

The study is Canada-wide, but is weak in a number of areas, especially in British Columbia, Moir said.

Moir assured that no one interviewed for the study will incur cost.

Interested people are asked to call 416-736-2100 ext. 33857 or email to arrange an interview time.

Those taking part in the Remembering Radio will become part of history as the project will be folded into a book.