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Thomasson’s legacy lives on in Aldergrove

Room at the Rotary Fieldhouse renamed to celebrate a men who worked tirelessly for the community
A room inside the Aldergrove Athletic Park’s Rotary Fieldhouse has officially named the Brian Thomasson Community Room. Friends and family, including (left to right) Neil Roberts, Nolan Thomasson. Laurie Thomasson, and Nancy Roberts were on hand for last week’s dedication. (Township of Langley/Special to Aldergrove Star)

A room at the Aldergrove Athletic Park Rotary Fieldhouse has been transformed forever.

It’s not a huge or overwhelming change. It’s nothing garish or ostentatious.

It’s something subtle but meaningful that pays tribute to a community champion.

It’s a plaque and a symbolic naming of a room inside the fieldhouse in honour of the late Brian Thomasson for his tireless contributions to the community of Aldergrove.

The unveiling of the plaque and the official dedication of the room in Thomasson’s honour was held last week, with several of his family present.

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Asked why the room was being dedicated in Thomasson’s honour, Township of Langley Mayor Jack Froese said it’s important to commemorate the contributions of people like Thomasson, who was “a devoted Aldergrove community member, Rotarian, and passionate advocate of community service.”

Fellow Rotarians and members of Thomasson’s family were present for the naming ceremony at the fieldhouse.

All those present heard, but were likely already aware of his accomplishments and contributions to the community.

“Mr. Thomasson was committed to building a thriving, friendly Aldergrove,” Froese explained.

Following his move to the community in the 1970s, Thomasson taught at Patricia Elementary and continued his career in education as a teacher and administrator in the Langley School District until he retired in 2005.

In 1999, he also became a founding charter member and first president of the Rotary Club of Aldergrove, a group committed to improving Aldergrove for all.

“Mr. Thomasson worked tirelessly to improve South Aldergrove Park, now called Aldergrove Athletic Park, and led the Rotary Club’s partnership with the Township of Langley to construct the Rotary Fieldhouse during the park’s development,” Froese elaborated.

To fund the Rotary contribution, Thomasson spearheaded the sale of Patricia Hall – a community hall located near the former Patricia Elementary.

His efforts resulted in what guests agreed were much-needed washrooms and storage areas at the park, as well as a meeting room and concession facility.

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During subsequent phases of development, Thomasson garnered donations from contractors and suppliers to further expand fields and facilities.

“Mr. Thomasson was an integral part of determining the future of Aldergrove,” said Froese.

He participated in the development of the Aldergrove Core Plan, adopted by Township of Langley council in 2010.

Thomasson passed away in July 2020 after a battle with cancer.

“He will be remembered as a constant advocate for community service through the Rotary Club of Aldergrove, the Langley School District, and as a community builder dedicated to improving those living in and enjoying Aldergrove,” said the mayor.

Thomasson’s contributions were officially commemorated in December 2020, when council named the room in the fieldhouse after him. But due to pandemic restrictions, the official dedication ceremony wasn’t held until last week.


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