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Walnut Grove teacher wins Prime Minister’s Award

Tim Stephenson was honoured with a Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence in STEM
Walnut Grove Secondary teacher Tim Stephenson (far left) and fellow Prime Minister’s Award recipients travelled to Ottawa in February to receive their awards. Submitted photo

Walnut Grove Secondary teacher Tim Stephenson has been honoured with a Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

He received his award from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa in February, but kept it secret until the Langley Board of Education was able to formally congratulate him at the end of May.

Stephenson teaches Science 9, Astronomy 11 and Chemistry 12, and encourages his students to engage in science 24 hours a day. His general approach is to bring science to life for all his students demonstrating things like solar panels (which power his classroom), lithium batteries and telescopes.

“Tim seeks to destroy the idea that science is only for ‘the smartest of the smart’ by bringing science to life through real-life stories that involve science, discussing rather than lecturing, and teaching everyone that they can and should get involved with science, since it touches every aspect of life,” the government of Canada’s website states.

The Prime Minister’s Awards for Teaching Excellence has been awarded to exceptional elementary and secondary school teachers in all disciplines since 1993, with over 1,500 teachers honoured to date.

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