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Aldergrove Regional Park home to gnome-guided tours for children

Families can sign up for nature-themed events happening throughout spring break in March
Aldergrove Regional Park will be home to a child-friendly nature gnome tour in March. (Special to The Star)

Aldergrove Regional Park will be home to some child-oriented programming in March – Metro Vancouver is offering nature tours.

Zoey Slater, special events assistant with Metro Vancouver, told the Aldergrove Star that these two spring break events were planned to replace the previous Enchanted Forest programming that had been held in recent years.

“We had to adapt so everything is COVID friendly,” she said. “It’s all about following your senses that are not just your eyes; using your sense of smell, touch, and hearing to gain a deeper connection with nature.”

The forest comes alive in spring with a feast for the eyes and ears through Wander with Nature Gnomes on Tuesday to Thursday, March 16, 17, and 18.

With a little bit of magic and a generous dose of imagination, three-to-seven-year-olds can wander with a nature gnome that will help children use their senses to explore and discover the hidden beauty of a regional park.

Children must be accompanied by an adult to attend this event, which is $10 per household or social bubble

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From Wednesday to Friday, March 24, 25, and 26, attendees can see if they have what it takes to find food, water and shelter through Wild Animal Survivor.

Participants choose between being a coyote, beaver, or raccoon, then use their animal senses to survive a self-guided obstacle course.

Ages six to 10 are invited to attend this free event, but again, must be accompanied by an adult.

Programs have been adjusted to allow for physical distancing and measures are in place to protect attendees.

“It’s been tough with COVID-19, because we couldn’t deliver in-person programming for quite some time,” Slater added. “It’ll fun exploring nature in a new way and getting people outdoors.”

More information and registration can be found at

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