Gallery 7 is offering playwriting and stage managing courses online. (Dianna Lewis/Special to the Aldergrove Star)

Gallery 7 is offering playwriting and stage managing courses online. (Dianna Lewis/Special to the Aldergrove Star)

Gallery 7 launches series of online courses ranging from sound design to playwriting

Abbotsford theatre has plans to launch 2020-2021 season with live shows

After contending with season-stopping COVID-19 closures, Gallery 7 Theatre in Abbotsbord has announced an offering of theatre-related courses that begin this month while plans for a live 2020-2021 season get underway.

An integral component to the theatre’s “G7 Lite: Service Pack 29.5 season”, technicians and educators will be able to dive in to subjects such as playwriting, sound design and production, stage management and even performing Shakespeare, all from the comfort of their home.

Executive director Ken Hildebrandt said they’re looking forward to providing top-quality educational experiences for anyone with an interest in theatre and are looking for opportunities to learn new skills or to build upon existing training and experience.

“These courses are led by experts in their field, and learning can be applied to a myriad of live productions and concerts in theatre, church and school contexts,” Hildebrandt said.

Gallery 7 Theatre has scheduled an initial line-up of courses, and will be announcing further offerings as the season goes on.

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Courses currently scheduled include:

Playwrighting: Shaping the Experience with Dr. Lloyd Arnett – six Thursdays, 7 to 9 p.m, starting Sept. 24.

This course is an introduction to playwriting in two parts.

In part one, participants will study the theory of the art from ancient to contemporary.

Part two will be a workshop in which participants read and discuss scenes they have written on their journey to making a working play.

Sounds Terrific: Sound Design & Production with award-winning designer, Rick Colhoun – three Tuesday nights, 7 to 9 p.m, starting Sept. 29.

Topics to be explored include where to start when designing a show, what questions a designer should ask when developing the design concept and what approach, as there are many, should the designer take in creating the final design.

Performing Shakespeare with SAMC – Theatre chair, Kate Muchmore Woo. Four Thursday nights, 7 to 9 p.m, starting Nov. 5.

Explore the fun of performing Shakespeare, while expanding upon vocal and acting skills along the way. Learn how to interpret Shakespeare’s language in general, and explore how the text, whether it be in verse or prose, informs character choices.

The Stage Manager: Master Facilitator with professional production manager, Charlene Crawford. Two Tuesday nights, 7 to 9 p.m, starting Nov. 17.

In this two-session workshop, instructors will take a look at what a stage manager does as well as the many tools a stage manager has at their disposal.

From there, participants will work through several exercises that go from “page to stage” from a stage manager’s perspective.

“We’ve carefully selected course topics that suit an online environment and each workshop promises to provide participants excellent practical experience’, explains Hildebrandt. “If you’re looking for a quality fix for Virus 2020, or you’re looking to build on your skills so you can hit the ground running when we finally return to live event production, these courses are for you.’

Full details on instructors, schedules and course offerings can be found at


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