The return of the Hardware Show

Fort Gallery artists challenged to create art from $40 or less in merchandise purchased from a hardware store

The electric atmosphere at the Fort Gallery was palpable, three years ago, when 18 contemporary artists, each with their own personality and artistic style, put on a show of extraordinary creativity.

It began with a challenge. Each artist was tasked with making a piece of artwork with $40 or less of merchandise purchased at a hardware store. Proof of purchase was posted beside the work of art.

A group with a majority of painters and a few working in three dimensions, it took each artist out of their comfort zone, resulting in some thought-provoking creations.

“It was this show that gave me the idea to join the group,” said Kristin Krimmel.

“I wanted to be part of that creative energy. I knew that I would have to live up to the expectations of this exceptional group of artists.

“They were willing to explore and  experiment, and that’s invaluable for a serious artist. We need to step outside of our norm to move forward and discover new ways of thinking.”

Two years later, the Fort Gallery is revisiting the challenge.

The players have changed. Some artists have moved on, and new members have come to fill in the complement that makes up their numbers.

This means that the idea pool will bring completely new visions and the synergy will be different. Be prepared for cleverness, a great deal of humor, and interesting contemporary works that step outside of the box.

Join the artists at the opening reception March 9, at 7 p.m.

The Fort Gallery operates Wednesday to Sunday, from noon to 5 p.m. It is located at 9048 Glover Rd.

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