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Black Lighter Reviews - Electric Plasma Flame Worth It or Cheap Electronic Multi-Tool?

Have you ever gone camping, and it turned out to be a terrible journey because your old plastic lighter failed to be helpful? You might need to replace it with a classic electric black lighter with environment-friendly features.

Have you ever gone camping, and it turned out to be a terrible journey because your old plastic lighter failed to be helpful? You might need to replace it with a classic electric black lighter with environment-friendly features.

This Black Lighter will help you start fires outside your camp or with other tasks in the long term. This review guide will thoroughly examine the build, features, and benefits of the black lighter.

Black Lighter – Overview

The Black lighter can be ideal if you are a camper seeking an easy-to-use and reliable survival tool. Furthermore, the Black lighter is a multi-purpose rechargeable lighter possessing a powerful combination of plasma technology and a water-resistant flashlight.

In addition, Black lighter offers windproof flame and adjustable light for campers to survive even in the harshest weather. The water-resistant feature lets it work during rain or snow or even when you swim. Moreover, you can rely on this device for hundreds of hours before recharging it again. In addition, the black lighter can be your endless companion, so you don’t have to worry about the fuel price.

To turn on the lighter, hold it between your palm and use your thumb to hold down the ignition button.

Features of Black Lighter

Easy to Carry

The Black Lighter is designed to let you carry it anywhere easily. Therefore you can keep it in your camping luggage, bag pack, or pocket. Furthermore, you can use this lighter for house chores or car emergencies. Moreover, the lighter can be a remorseless choice for you if you plan to go on vacation since it won’t disappoint you like butane lighters.

Windproof and Waterproof

This is the most admired aspect of the black lighter. Additionally, the lighter carries a dual arc plasma 1800-degree flame that stays lit even in the rain, wild winds, or swamped in water.

Never Ending Battery Life

The lighter’s longest battery life ensures that the light never dries up. And you can use it 500 times after charging it once. Hence, this is adequate for your extended camping journey.

Water Resistant Flashlight

As per many customer reviews, black lighters have high-powered water-resistant LED flashlights. The flashlight can be a vital tool for your tent in the nighttime. You may also use it to find your way back to camp in the dark.



Black lighter is available at highly affordable rates, but the site currently offers huge discounts. You shouldn’t let go of the chance and acquire as many lighters as you want.

Safer Option

Black lighter is quite safe to use compared to other traditional lighters. Regular spike lighters can pose a danger to your hands if used for more than two minutes. In contrast, the black lighter poses no risk and can be used for hundreds of hours.

No Extra Spending

As the black lighter is fully rechargeable, the user won’t need to worry about getting fuel or non-rechargeable batteries. Once you buy it, charge it with a provided USB cable and use it for as long as you need. Thus you don’t require to spend extra bucks to make your lighter work.

Highest Quality

The black lighter comes with a double arc plasma flame five times more powerful than ordinary lighters. Moreover, it is designed with zinc alloy and ceramic layer to make it long-lasting. According to the customers, black lighters surpass other available lighters on the market regarding quality and endurance.

A Perfect Gift Box

The electric black lighter makes the perfect gift. You can add this piece to the present box for someone camping for the first time.



The amazing features in the black lighter are a great value for money. The official website currently offers a 50% discount on the stock and free shipping. Click on the green button to place an order by providing your address and the quantity. You can buy the following:

  • Four lighters at the price of $83.96.
  • Three lighters at the price of $71.99.
  • Two lighters at $53.98.
  • One lighter at $29.99.

The lighter doesn’t offer many colors and is available in black matte color only. Moreover, the manufacturer of black lighters is assured that the buyers will be satisfied with the purchase. Therefore you get a 60-day money-back guarantee. Note that you must return the lighter within 60 days of purchase to get a full refund.


  • Fully rechargeable device
  • 50% discount on current prices
  • Portable design
  • Waterproof and Windproof flame
  • Water resistant flashlight


Who Can Use This Black Lighter?

The black lighter is ideal for all types of instances. It is a great tool for camping, outdoor activities, home chores, and gifts. You can use a flashlight at home or in your car along with the long-lasting flame.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric lighters any good?

Electric lighters with recharging features are a great alternative to spark lighters. Moreover, these electric lighters reduce the wastage of disposable lighters and eliminate the need for fuel.

How does an arc lighter work?

Rather than the traditional flame, arc lighters generate heat through a small arc of high-voltage current. And this is how you activate a purple hue (flame) to fire any wood or look around in the dark.

Can you start a fire with an arc lighter?

Arc lighters can start a fire with electric arcs. Thus, they can readily burn up paper as they release a stream of electrons with high velocity from ionized air.

Can you burn your finger with a plasma lighter?

Touching electric arcs will give you a shock of electricity or a feeling of a sharp bite. This can wake you up from your sleep. If you accidentally touch the arc, your skin will get a few red marks.


The unbeatable combo of dual arc plasma flame and water-resistant flashlight can surely be the best partner for your vacations. Moreover, you can use this black lighter whenever you need it or wherever you want, even in strong weather conditions. You can visit the official site for a 50% discount on the electric black lighter.


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