Hale Breathing Reviews – Is It Worth Buying? What to Know Before Buy!

Without breathing, no one can survive, but for a section of people, normal breathing proves to be tedious. This can be caused by factors beyond their control. Some people are born with defects in their nasal passages and nostrils that hinder the regular breathing process to an extent. They tend to run out of breath at times, and working out is an ordeal for them. They often use the mouth for breathing. Surgical intervention is an option to resolve such issues, but there are other alternatives too. Nasal breathing is better than oral breathing. The device named Hale Breathing Aid is what they need.

Why is it important to breathe through the nostrils and not the mouth?

Your nostrils are meant for the act of breathing. As you breathe using the nose, the air is moisturized.

The air that gets in through the nose is cleaner. The debris and dirt get trapped in the hair inside. That does not happen as you breathe using the oral cavity.

Breathing with the mouth leads to dry mouth and dehydration and paves the way for oral infections.

Breathing through the nose offers your body a good amount of oxygen. It helps you stay energetic.

The basics of Hale Breathing Aid

Hale Breathing Aid is the brainchild of a doctor working at the eminent Johns Hopkins Hospital. It was developed by Dr. Patrick Byrne. The device has been used by many people coping with issues in nasal breathing, and it has won several awards since its inception as well. The device is now recommended by ace ENT doctors.


The benefits of using Hale Breathing Aid

  • It can be used by women and men of different age groups facing issues with nasal breathing.
  • It helps makes nasal breathing smooth and can thwart snoring.
  • This device can eliminate Nasal obstruction, so you can sleep well- without changing sleeping postures much. When you sleep without disruptions, your body can repair itself better.
  • This device enhances oxygen supply to the lungs. This, in turn, offers you enough energy to work out or evade fatigue.
  • When you use this device, you can evade the side effects of undergoing nasal surgery. It also eliminates the need to rely on addictive nasal sprays.
  • Hale Breathing Kit is sold in 3 sizes to suit users with varying-sized nostrils.
  • The device is made using high-quality and soft material that does not exert pressure on the nostrils.
  • When you wear this device, it can be tough to detect. Your facial expression will not change owing to it.
  • The device is FDA Registered & Compliant and so can be bought without prescriptions.
  • The device comes in a handy storage case, and you get a mirror for easy setup.
  • The company offers a 90-Day refund policy, it-which is assured.

So, how does it function?

You may think of Hale Breathing Aid as a contact lens meant for your nose. It helps open up the nasal passages. After you place it on the nose, your nostrils are widened. The airflow inside the nasal passage is enhanced. Gradually, the nose structure is rectified with its use. It sits inside your nostrils, and blocked nasal airways are opened. So, you can inhale and exhale air, minus hassles. All you need to do is order the device in the apt size fitting your nose and wear it. It has a durable spring-loaded hinge and two cushioned pads.

Who will benefit from using Hale Breathing Aid?

Using this unique breathing aid device can be useful for you if:

  • You have a misaligned nasal cavity and use your mouth for breathing most of the time.
  • You find it hard to work out and run out of breath quickly.
  • You tend to snore as you sleep, and it disturbs others.
  • You have misaligned nostrils and nasal valves caused by accident.

Why does Hale score over other breathing aid devices?

Hale is worn inside the nostrils, so it remains almost undetectable to most people. It is completely drug-free, and you will not develop any addiction. It starts working when you wear it.

What are there in the kit?

The Hale Breathing Kit contains the following items:

  • Three types of breathing aids of varying sizes.
  • Removal and insertion tools.
  • A Microfiber cleaning cloth.
  • One Carrying case along with a mirror.


Are there any drawbacks?

Since its launch, the Hale Breathing aid has received rave reviews. However, there are a few small limitations of the device.

  • It is sold only online, so you cannot find it in any physical retail shop.
  • It is not meant for kids below the age of 5.
  • It can’t be a therapy for sleep apnea.

So, how much does it cost?

The Hale Breathing Kit is priced quite affordably.

For a single unit of the device, you pay $29.99. For two sets, you pay $56.99. For three sets, you pay only $75.98. You have to buy it from the brand website to avail the discounts and the refund offer, as it is.

What about safety?

If you have not used any breathing aid, you may have some queries in mind regarding its safety and risks, etc. You may feel a little weird after wearing it for the very first time. You will need some time to get fully comfortable with it. The risk is minimal. The design is such that it will not get stuck, and it is simple to remove as well. The material is soft and does not cause pain inside the nostrils even after prolonged usage. It will not be noticed by people unless they observe it from a close distance.

Summing it up

Overall, there is no reason not to give Hale Breathing Kit a try if you are coping with a breathing issue caused by nostril alignment. It is simple and effective. By using it, you can bypass the need to undergo invasive surgeries, which can have side effects. You get rid of using nasal sprays too. The device will not be noticed by the majority of people, and the cost is also decent. The online user feedback is mostly positive. The varying sizes and usage of soft materials make it ideal. You get a long refund offer on it which is reassuring.