Glass door

Glass door

How to choose the best glass entry doors in Langley?

If you’re looking for a really unique and aesthetically pleasing home renovation project, installing a new exterior door with glass may be the very thing. But with so many options available in Langley, it might be challenging to choose the best units.

Therefore, we have prepared this post to share our insights regarding glass entry units and help you choose your perfect door correctly. Interested? Keep reading!

Glass Entry Doors – Why to Install?

Surveys show that the majority of Langley homeowners are unaware that exterior doors considerably affect their home’s look, feel and even value. New front doors come with one of the highest ROI rates among home improvement projects – 74.9 per cent on average, making it the most accessible and affordable way to renovate your house.

But high ROI is not the only reason homeowners prefer installing glass doors for their front entrance:

  • Style and versatility. Glass entry doors are easy to match with any house design and exterior.
  • A huge variety of glass designs. Glass inserts make this door type stand out; hence, the current market can offer any shapes, styles and privacy options to install the correct glass type for your new door.
  • Energy efficiency. Even though glass entry doors might be inferior in energy efficiency to solid fibreglass doors, the difference is not that huge, thanks to the possibility of inserting triple-pane glazing with LowE coating and Argon/Krypton.

New Glass Entry Doors – How to Choose Your Best Units?

  • Decide on the Right Configuration – The door market offers various glass doors to complement your house and match specific requirements. Therefore, your first step is to decide on the proper configuration – you can go from a basic single entry door to large double units with sidelights and transoms.
  • Choose the Right Frame Material – The look and durability of your new front door can significantly depend on the material it’s manufactured from. Today, most companies usually offer homeowners in Langley a choice between the two most popular materials – fibreglass and steel, each with its benefits. Steel is your best pick if you look for maximum durability, while fibreglass is known for mimicking wood, bringing your front entrance a stunning look and better energy efficiency.
  • Go with the Right Glass Type – Glass is a key element of your new glass entry doors, so deciding on the correct glass type is crucial. You can decide between clear, privacy or decorative glass to emphasize the unique style of your door.

You can customize many other aspects, such as colour, hardware, size, glass shape and style, so click here if you want to know more about which features you can add and how they impact your new glass entry door.

What Else to Keep in Mind When Getting New Exterior Doors?

  • Energy Star & NAFS-11 labels – If you want to install an ultimate energy-efficient door, check whether your window company sells doors certified by these authorities.
  • No DIY Installation – Even though it might sound easy to install an exterior door, it’s not, especially with glass entry doors that require a more complex installation. So, make sure to find professional installers to do the job and ensure your new door operates smoothly.
  • Treat New Doors as a Long-Term Investment – modern glass doors won’t be cheap, so make sure you have enough budget and go only for a quality door from the right window company. This way, you will be sure to get new units that will serve you for many years and help you save on energy bills.

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