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Navigating Noisy Environments: Strategies for Better Hearing with Modern Hearing Aids

Langley hearing expert shares communication tips to overcome signal-to-noise ratio loss
Kim Galick, Registered Hearing Instrument Specialist and owner of Ears Hearing Clinic in Langley.

In the past, loud environments often posed a challenge for individuals with hearing loss, even when using hearing aids. Thanks to modern innovation, hearing aids are better equipped than ever before to tackle these loud environments, but it still doesn’t hurt to utilize some additional tactics when needed.

“Difficulty hearing in noisy settings remains a common concern among those experiencing hearing loss,” says Kim Galick, with Ears Hearing Clinic in Langley. “But the question remains, why?”

Hearing aids work by amplifying speech and sounds, but in noisy places, this amplification can result in signal-to-noise ratio loss, where background noise competes with amplified speech, Kim explains.

“It’s important to keep in mind that everyone, even those with perfect hearing, struggle in places with a lot of background noise. While even modern hearing aids may not fully alleviate noise challenges, there are further strategies to help improve communication,” says Kim.

Opting for a table with good lighting in a quieter area can help reduce noise and enhance visual cues. Sit with your back to the noise so that the features in the hearing aids that control background noise will be more effective. Hearing aids have dual microphones, and with your back to the noise, the front microphones have a greater chance of picking up the voice of the person you want to hear, while the back microphones control the noise. And lastly, never be embarrassed to ask someone to repeat themselves or clarify what they’ve said, Kim emphasizes.

Additionally, an Assistive Listening Device can also be a great communication tool – they can be worn by the individual you’re speaking with, placed on the table, or passed around and work by transmitting conversation directly to your hearing aid.

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