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10 Proven Ways to Make Money While in College and Learn to Write My Essay Like a Genius

Your time in college can be a lot of fun. Just imagine all those bangers, tailgates, basement bashes, frat, and other parties you can enjoy while parents aren’t watching. New friends, new passions, new relationships - what could be more exciting, right?

Your time in college can be a lot of fun. Just imagine all those bangers, tailgates, basement bashes, frat, and other parties you can enjoy while parents aren’t watching. New friends, new passions, new relationships - what could be more exciting, right?

Making ends meet is not that fun. College, tuition, and living fees, as well as fun activity expenses, are typically quite hard to handle for young adults single-handedly. Today, you can hardly meet a student who would turn down a good opportunity to earn a couple extra bucks.

And then there’s studying… Lectures and seminars, labs and discussions, independent studies and studio classes going one after another. And tons of homework assignments along with hundreds of pages of writing. For some students, it is just a routine they easily deal with and get back to having fun. For others, it’s a task that takes a lot of effort and dedication to accomplish. For yet others, it’s a burden that they cannot carry by themselves, and they need help from pro essay writers to handle it.

While the latter category of students chooses a service to ask, “Write my essay online “ the two former groups can use the free time they have not just for fun but also make some extra cash. And to improve their writing skills along the way. Which, in turn, will allow them to write for work and study better and faster, get higher grades and make more money - who wouldn’t want to find themselves in such kind of a non-vicious circle of continual growth and enrichment?

So, here are 10 proven and time-tested ways to earn an extra buck while enhancing their own writing competence by helping people, wondering, “Who can write my paper or other content quickly and reliably? “ф

1. Monetize your blog or website

Creating a niche website or blogging has been one of the major methods of making money on the Internet since the early 2000s, and it still works just fine. While running your own website requires more effort, launching and supporting a blog is much easier. There are dozens of blog design templates and self-publishing platforms that you can use absolutely for free. Moreover, some of the latter even share the ad revenue they get from your page - that is, if it brings one. Some of the largest revenue-sharing websites are Medium, HubPages, InfoBarrel.

Another way to monetize your blog or website is by creating affiliate content. In this case, you partner with a company and drive traffic to the designated page and get commissions on sales made to customers whom you’ve attracted. Also, there’s sponsored content, when a company directly pays you for publishing specially developed materials (crafted by you or provided by the company’s paper writer free) on your blog or website. Trustworthy sponsored post networks include Acorn, Blog Meets Brand, Clever, Izea.

Yet, you must understand that to start bringing cash, your website or blog must attract the audience (traffic) - after all, it’s popularity you monetize. Key elements of gaining recognition include unique and high-quality content, the right niche, and consistency.

2. Write for other blogs and/or niche websites

If starting your own blog seems too difficult and time-consuming, you can write for someone else’s blog. It’s not uncommon when a successful author or a company outsources creating posts to several writers. To increase your chances of getting a guest blogging offer, you should register on several major freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and PeoplePerHour.

On the other hand, you can proactively offer your services by sending your cover letter to particular blogs and companies you are interested in. Just make sure that your expertise is relevant to what they write about, be it destination guides or video game guidebooks.

Usually, your posts are published under your name, hence letting you build a nice portfolio. However, sometimes, you might be required to ghostwrite and give up your rights to the content you are paid for. By the way, ghostwriting has a lot in common with the next item on our list. It relates to helping students who google “write my essay “ because, for some reason, they cannot do that themselves.

3. “Write my essay for me “: Become an academic writer for money

The custom writing industry is on the rise nowadays. One can hardly imagine how many students out there are ready to shell out hundreds of dollars once anybody answers their “help me write my essay “ pleas. This opens a golden opportunity for you if you’re good enough at putting words together into a great essay or another academic paper.

The trick here is that you probably wouldn’t be able to successfully find customers on your own due to confidentiality issues. Arguably the best way to have writing orders come in steadily is to join one or several specialized companies. They are legion, yet we suggest you consider,, or Alternatively, you can check out the most popular students’ searches when they look for essay writers online, google them by yourself and then apply to services you’d find.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of “pay to write my essay “ websites have several author categories, and, unless you already have significant expertise, you, as a newbie, will have to start as a basic writer. Earn a reputation by crafting great papers - and pretty soon, you’ll make it to the higher-paid category! Plus, no doubt, all of this will help you learn to write your own papers faster and better - practice makes perfect, right?

4. Beyond Writing an Essay: Review books, movies, games, etc.

People love reviews and ratings that help them make the right choice between a great variety of products or when they look for something new. Movies, shows, books, music, fashion items, gadgets, even essay services reviews - you can relatively easily make a couple bucks on writing those. Just remember that you must be both honest and engaging in your texts to have them published and get your reward. Check out these resources for writing opportunities - SliceThePie, Kirkus, or Reedsy.

Also, if you’re lucky, you will be able to combine writing reviews with product testing or taking paid surveys and double your benefits.

5. Write copy for marketing & social media

Believe it or not, email marketer and social media manager are real professions, and quite demanded ones. Read several “classic “ marketing books, take a course or two in digital marketing basics - and you can start earning money as a part-time junior marketer in some company or as a freelance copywriter. This option is right for you if you figure out how to create stunning Instagram visuals, sharp tweets, viral tiktoks, or customer-attracting email sequences.

To find a position, you can reach out to small and local businesses directly or search for relevant gigs on freelance platforms (like the already mentioned Fiverr and stuff). Mastering marketing writing skills is really good for learning how to make any text - even one of your essays and case studies - more engaging.

6. Do SEO writing

The paradox of SEO writing is that it is quite simple and really good-paid. From the comfort of your home, you can learn the basics of SEO writing, including creating meta tags, researching keywords and LSI semantics, and smoothly integrating them into web content while keeping it as close to natural human writing as possible. This shouldn’t take more than a couple of SEO Certification courses (there are great free options from Semrush), thousands of words to practice, and talent that not all contenders possess. Yet, after that, you will be able to blend in the “essay writer free online “ key phrase into the landing page that aims to sell essays to students who don’t have time to craft academic papers single-handedly and rank high in search results.

7. Work as a technical writer

Technical writing is yet another great way to make some extra cash while you’re in college or university. Commonly, when you think about what a technical writer does, it’s creating instruction manuals. However, that’s an only partial truth. In a broader sense, employee handbooks, troubleshooting guides, legal disclaimers and case reviews, business reports, medical and marketing case studies, white papers -all are technical writing. The core thing here is that you must be able to present complex information in clear, concise, easy-to-understand messages. To this end, you have to know the subject you are writing about really well. On the other hand, learning to organize information in simple particles is an extremely valuable skill for academic writing, too.

As technology is developing with mind-boggling speed, the need for technical writers is and will be rising. Today, you can create a “how to write my essay cheap “ guide for international students; and in 6 months, you will be working on the onboarding tool kit for an Ivy-League university. This is one of the best things about technical writing: choosing this sphere not only can benefit you while studying but also grow into a long-term and well-paid career route.

8. Write scripts for videos

The previous opportunity is awesome for scientific-minded students, while this one fits best with creative people. Writing scripts for videos requires a specific set of skills and, as a result, remains highly demanded. This is especially true for business, as up to 86% of companies use video as a marketing tool.

You can start by writing short and simple scripts for animated or whiteboard videos - there are hundreds of such gigs on Fiverr and Freelancer or specialized platforms like ScreenWritingStaffing. Gain experience, build a portfolio, earn a reputation - and enhance your client base. Another approach to building your scriptwriter career is partnering with one or several video creators and crafting scripts for them on an ongoing basis.

9. Write product descriptions

Writing product descriptions is as simple as it gets. Just imagine how many things you can buy online and realize that each of them needs a description so that a customer can make an informed choice. For you as a job-seeker, this opens endless opportunities while not requiring some specific skills.

There are several ways to start writing product descriptions. For starters, you should check the traditional job listing websites. Then, you can browse platforms like Upwork and PeoplePerHour for relevant gigs. Or you can address agencies like Crowd Content. They serve as brokers between companies that need a huge amount of product descriptions and freelancers who can craft them. Finally, you can pitch a particular company yourself.

Keep in mind that this job doesn’t really have a bright perspective as such simple writing is already performed by AI-based content generators. It’s only reasonable to turn to it if you need money urgently.

10. Enter a writing contest

Of course, we couldn’t leave this opportunity aside, it seems so self-evident! Just craft a stunning piece, send it out to dozens of websites, and get paid hundreds of dollars. Well, not that fast. Only winners (usually, three first places) are paid. Typically, contests’ rules require the text to be unique and prohibit sending it elsewhere. Commonly, there are hundreds - if not thousands - of participants, so the competition might be extremely high.

At the same time, why not give it a shot? If you are really good at writing and have an interesting story to tell - just go for it! Even if you don’t win, you will polish your writing skills. This can play a positive role later, for example, when you need to craft a personal statement or application essay for an internship or post-graduate program.

In case you’re up for the challenge, check out Reedsy, Poets&Writers, and this Peninsula Academy blog post.

So, now you have it - the ultimate list of great opportunities to enhance your income with your writing skills. Start your own project, work as a freelancer in various fields, help other students write their papers, churn out product descriptions one after another, or show off your skills in contests - choose what suits you best and start making extra cash! The best part here is that virtually any opportunity helps improve your writing skills, hence letting you complete college assignments faster, do it more professionally, and - expectedly - earn higher grades.