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Clovis Reviews: Does Clovis Hydration Drink Mix Work or Not?

When workouts fail to yield the desired results, you are probably doing something wrong. In addition to vigorous workout sessions, you need to provide your body with essential electrolytes required for hydration and healthy metabolism. Essential Electrolytes Hydration Drink Mix developed by Clovis is loaded with nutrients that make your workouts more effective and support a healthy lifestyle.

When workouts fail to yield the desired results, you are probably doing something wrong. In addition to vigorous workout sessions, you need to provide your body with essential electrolytes required for hydration and healthy metabolism. Essential Electrolytes Hydration Drink Mix developed by Clovis is loaded with nutrients that make your workouts more effective and support a healthy lifestyle. The supplement comes in a cherry-limeade flavor with a perfect blend of minerals required by the body to function optimally.

About The Developer

Essential Electrolytes Hydration Drink Mix is designed by Justin Nault, a certified nutritional therapist and the founder and CEO of Clovis Nutrition. As a sports and fitness nutrition specialist, Nault has created the world’s leading hydration drink mix that is paleo-friendly, keto-friendly, and fasting-friendly.

What Does Clovis Essential Electrolytes Hydration Drink Mix Do?

Essential Electrolytes Hydration Drink Mix provides your body with three essential minerals that it needs for rapid fat burning and muscle recovery. It prevents your workouts from working against you by providing your body with essential electrolytes, thereby supporting your athletic performance and weight loss diets.

Electrolytes are important for the proper functioning of your body. They are responsible for maintaining an optimal fluid balance within your body cells. Hydrating your body with electrolytes is the most important pre-training step as it stimulates fat burning and muscle building processes in your body. Electrolytes help you burn calories more quickly and regulate your hormonal function.

By taking Essential Electrolytes Hydration Drink Mix regularly, you can reap the following benefits:

Mental Clarity and Improved Brain Function

This electrolyte supplement by Clovis provides you with three essential minerals i.e. potassium, sodium, and magnesium. Electrolytes are important for nerve signaling and fluid balance regulation in the brain. This drink mix will keep a healthy fluid balance in your brain to provide you mental clarity and enhanced brain function. It will boost your cognitive performance by reducing the symptoms of hyponatremia (low sodium levels) such as fatigue, headaches, seizures, and lethargy.

Healthy Blood Sugar Levels and Improved Metabolic Health

Maintaining the right mineral balance is crucial to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and good metabolism. An electrolyte imbalance can have adverse effects on your lungs, brain, and heart health. This electrolyte supplement improves your metabolic health by maintaining a healthy fluid balance in your body.

Improved Muscle and Bone Health

Essential Electrolytes Hydration Drink Mix provides your body with minerals required for muscle contraction. Without these minerals, your muscles would not contract and you would not be able to move. As a matter of fact, the heart muscle also depends on these minerals to contract and make your heart beat. In addition to improved muscle health, this electrolyte supplement also offers improved bone health by increasing your bone mineral density, thereby mitigating the risk of bone fractures and bone diseases like osteoporosis.

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Energy Boosts and Enhanced Productivity

Nothing can sabotage a workout more than a bad mood. Low-carb diets often leave you with a bad mood due to low energy levels which might compromise your productivity during workout sessions. The electrolytes present in this supplement help you convert the stored energy into usable energy, thereby boosting your energy and increasing your productivity.

Clovis Essential Electrolytes Hydration Drink Mix Ingredients

A hydration supplement is best judged by its ingredients. Essential Electrolytes Hydration Drink Mix is infused with three essential electrolytes and three additional ingredients that blend together to hydrate your body well and make your workouts more effective. Unlike most pre-workout supplements, this drink mix by Clovis neither compromises your heart health nor undermines the effects of your weight loss regimens i.e. diets or workouts. Conversely, it promotes cardiovascular health and perfectly complements all weight loss regimens.

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The primary ingredients present in Essential Electrolytes Hydration Drink Mix include:

Sodium (1000 mg)

Sodium is required to keep a healthy water and electrolyte balance within the human body. It regulates the amount of water in the intracellular (within cell) and intercellular (between cells) environments. About 85% of the sodium in your body is present in blood and lymph fluid. Low levels of sodium in your blood can lead to a condition called hyponatremia. Hyponatremia can cause cramps, fatigue, muscle spasms, nausea, vomiting, weakness, and irritability. Low levels of sodium can render your body completely dehydrated as your water cannot reach your cells without sodium and other electrolytes.

Potassium (200 mg)

An electrolyte extensively used by the human body, potassium regulates body water and stabilizes automatic muscle contractions. Potassium, just like sodium, helps your body maintain a healthy fluid balance as all of your body’s mechanisms depend on sodium-potassium pumps that facilitate transport in and out of the cells. Additionally, potassium plays an important role in muscle, bone, and heart health. Potassium strengthens the connection between mind and muscles during workouts by promoting healthy brain activity and higher brain functionality.

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Though potassium supplements are mostly taken after workouts to ensure smooth muscle recovery, ingesting it as a pre-workout supplement will do the job just fine. Like other electrolytes, potassium is easily lost in urine and sweat. Therefore, a pre-workout supplement containing potassium is required to make up for all the potassium you lose during the workout and to boost your athletic performance.

Magnesium (60 mg)

A major mineral required by the human body, magnesium is the perfect ingredient to augment your workout results. It not only contributes to flexibility but also inhibits the risks of injury by loosening stiff muscles. Magnesium enables proper muscle relaxations to prevent muscle cramps. Low levels of magnesium in the body can cause lactic acid accumulation that causes post-workout pain, fatigue, and muscle stiffness. Magnesium disposes of lactate by enabling the movement of blood sugar into your muscles. Besides supporting muscle health, magnesium promotes healthy digestion and high-quality sleep.

In addition to three key ingredients, Essential Electrolytes Hydration Drink Mix contains additional ingredients that add to its hydration effects.

Citric Acid

A weak organic acid present in citrus fruits, citric acid aids in better athletic performance. It stimulates the production of nitric acid and enables the absorption of other nutrients, thereby improving blood flow, muscle pumps, and oxygen transport within the body.

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Malic Acid

A fruit acid widely used as a supplement, malic acid adds to the hydrating effects of electrolytes. It helps your body with post-workout fatigue and supports your cardiovascular health.

Monk Fruit

An all-natural zero sugar sweetener, monk fruit acts as a perfect supplement for people who are fasting or pursuing a keto diet. It helps you build lean muscle and get a flat stomach even if you are on a low-calorie diet.

There are zero artificial flavors and sugar present in this supplement.

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Clovis Essential Electrolytes Hydration Drink Mix Price and Refund Policy

One bottle of Hydration Drink Mix by Clovis is priced at $47. However, the price drops to $42 and $37 per bottle if you make a purchase of three bottles or six bottles respectively. One bottle comes with a month’s supply. Clovis offers free shipping all across the United States with all purchases backed by a 60-day money back guarantee.

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