41 Langley City employees make more than $75,000

Langley City paid out $8.6 million in salaries and expenses in 2012.

  • May. 13, 2013 5:00 a.m.

The City of Langley has released the names and salaries of its employees who earned $75,000 or more last year, as well as the expenses paid on their behalf in 2012.

Forty-one people made the list, with more than half of those — 22 people — earning more than $100,000 last year.

The City’s top earner was chief administrative officer Francis Cheung, who received a salary of $197,428. Including expenses of $5,701 paid on his behalf, Cheung’s compensation topped $203,000 in 2012.

Director of corporate services, Darrin Leite, came next at $144,334 plus $5,327 in expenses for a total of $149,661, followed by Gerald Minchuk, director of development services and economic development, who earned $139,615 plus $6,186 in expenses for a total of $145,801.

Gary Vlieg director of engineering, parks and environment, meanwhile, earned a salary of $136,546 and claimed an additional $2,423 in expenses for a total of $138,969.

Fire chief Rory Thompson was the City’s next highest earner, with a salary of $120,856, plus $2,240 in expenses for a total of $123,096.

Kim Hilton, director of recreation, culture and community services, earned $117, 357 plus $1,122 in expenses for a total of $118,479.

Collectively, employees paid less than $75,000 per year earned $4,428,179 and compiled $40,066 in expenses for a total of $4,468,245.

All together, the City paid out $8,679,253 in salaries and $108,362 in expenses for a total of $8,787,615.

Council members’ compensation figures were also included in the report.

Mayor Peter Fassbender was paid $76,250 plus $6,924 in expenses and another $4,695 in benefits for a total of $87,869.

Taking into account remuneration, expenses and benefits, Councillor Rosemary Wallace was the top earner among the City’s six council members with $38,106 in total compensation.

The figures for the remainder of council, in descending order, are:

Councillor Ted Schaffer: $38,036;

Councillor Gayle Martin: $37,531;

Councillor Jack Arnold: $36,975;

Councillor Teri James: 36,393; and

Councillor Dave Hall: $35,145.

The City of Langley encompasses four square miles (10 square kilometres) and has a population of just over 25,000 people, according to the 2011 census.