Cruise-In fans can park at the Aldergrove Mall by donation, and other sites are being sought for overflow parking. (Langley Advance Times files)

Cruise-In fans can park at the Aldergrove Mall by donation, and other sites are being sought for overflow parking. (Langley Advance Times files)

Aldergrove Mall remains parking hub for Cruise-In

Drivers should know that Fraser Highway wil be closed from 264th to 272nd for the event

If you’re taking part in the Langley Good Times Cruise-In, then you’ll be parking on the main drag of Fraser Highway, to show off your classic or custom car to the crowds.

But if you’re just coming for the day, where do you park?

The Cruise-In may be all about cars, but it’s one of the biggest pedestrian-centric events in Langley.

This year, Fraser Highway will be closed from 264th Street to 272nd Street, said Cruise-In president Riccardo Sestito.

Any feeder roads and cross streets will be closed at Fraser Highway, or just a short distance before the highway, Sestito said. Residents and businesses will still be able to access nearby side streets and alleys.

The main parking area for visitors, as it has been since the show moved to Aldergrove, will be at the old Aldergrove Mall site at 272nd and Fraser Highway.

“That’s going to be the major hub for us,” Sestito said.

Parking will be by donation this year. As with all the funding secured from the Cruise-In registrations, the funding raised from parking will go towards local charities here in Langley.

It’s the closest major lot to the show, but that also means that it fills up quickly.

“We use it every year, an we fill up all the time,” Sestito said.

Those who want to park at the mall are encouraged not to wait until halfway through the day to try to find a spot.

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Because of the disruptions caused by the pandemic and the tight timeline to create this year’s show, other parking sites were still being considered a week and a half before the event.

Sestito said the Cruise-In is talking to the Langley School District about using the Aldergrove Community Secondary lot for overflow parking. He hopes that that lot will also be by-donation, with funding going towards school programs.

Two local churches are also being considered for more parking.

There will be some parking set aside for Cruise-In visitors at the FreshCo lot in Aldergrove, Sestito said.

When drivers arrive at one of the intersections around the car show, volunteers with the Cruise-In should be able to help direct them to parking that’s available on the day of the event.

Additionally, there is some on-street parking available near the site of the Cruise-In, but that may fill up quickly or be a longer walk for those aiming to get down to Fraser Highway to start checking out the cars.

Old Yale Road may be the best location to check for on-street parking, Sestito said, as it is a largely commercial area near Fraser Highway, and its on-street parking won’t disrupt local residents.

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