Cautious driving urged during South Langley toad migration

Cautious driving urged during South Langley toad migration

Thousands of toads are expected to hatch and head into the woods

The great western toad migration has begun in South Langley again, so drivers are asked to detour for a few weeks to avoid squishing the baby toadlets.

Every year, toads hatch, often by the thousands, from ponds near 20th Avenue west of 200th Street in South Brookswood.

They then migrate into the nearby woodlands where they will spend much of their adult lives.

To help the toads, Langley Township is encouraging drivers and cyclists to avoid a few roads for the near future.

The roads are:

• 20th Avenue from 196th Street to 200th Street

• 198th Street from 24th Avenue to 20th Avenue

• 196th Street from 16th Avenue to 20th Avenue

If drivers can’t avoid these routes, the Township of Langley is asking that drivers follow road signs and slow down, as these toadlets are hard to see and are very vulnerable.

Last year, an estimated 60,000 toads hatched, and when they were about the size of a nickel, started their migration from ponds north into the forested region.

Volunteers and staff from the A Rocha environmental group helped create barriers to funnel as many toads as possible towards culverts to get them under 20th Avenue safely.

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