City Q10: 20 Questions for Langley City Council candidates


Dave Hall – Yes, this is the most significant Capital construction project in Langley City history. It fills a recreation void that has existed for a generation. The old Timms was in need of costly repairs. The new Timms was originally under-scoped, underfinanced and unnecessarily delayed 3 years in a failed negotiated partnership. After Council input, this facility is comparable to fabulous facilities in other Communities with a full gym, elevated fitness track, large weight room, with multiple multi-purpose rooms and a community kitchen. All of this is being provided without having to do any debt servicing and creating, along with the existing City Hall and Library, a focal point for the Community! 

Gayle Martin – Yes, the old Timms Centre was falling apart & not safe for public use.  The new Timms Centre will have amenities the city has never had available to our community.  It includes a full size gymnasium with a running/walking track above which I’m sure will be a great asset to the seniors living close by.  More programs will likely be offered not only for youth but our senior population & families. It will be a wonderful addition to our community.

Sharon Newbery – Yes. The city lacks sports and recreation facilities and the Timms Centre will help provide some of the much needed sports and recreation space. It will also provide multipurpose rooms and a games room. It is a facility that can and will be enjoyed by the residents of Langley City. It is a step in the right direction for investing in our future. 

Nathan Pachal – Yes. The City needs to continue investing in our Downtown, providing high quality facilities that will improve the quality of life for people that call Langley home. This investment will also provide a catalyst for revitalizing Downtown Langley which will create a strong local economy.

Carla Robin – Yes. It is a foundation responsibility of the City to provide such facilities for the health, wellness and social needs of the City’s residents. The centre will help to enhance community involvement and provide essential fitness programs and activities for all ages and abilities. 

Val van den Broek – No – We needed a new community centre but it should have had more public consultation. The design that was chosen is not Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design friendly. I don’t think it meets the needs of our citizens. We could have made a swimming facility so that seniors, youth, & low income families that live surrounding it, who don’t have transportation, could have a full recreation facility to go to. Don’t get me wrong, Al Anderson pool is great for the 3 months it’s opened during the summer, but we spent a lot of money to renovate it and it’s still an outdoor pool, with a barb wire fence, that becomes a duck pond for the other 9 months out of the year.