Griffith Area Neighbourhood plan

Griffith Area Neighbourhood plan

Council votes to move forward on Brookswood-Fernridge development

An 8-1 vote taken on Sept. 17 means that the public consultation process can begin

Too many uncertainties, and the fear that the next area of the Township to be developed will become another Willoughby, failed to dissuade a majority of council to delay advancing the Brookswood/Fernridge Neighbourhood Plan.

An 8-1 vote on Sept. 17 means that the public consultation process can begin, starting with three workshops which will be followed by an open house.

The new plan is named the Griffith Neighbourhood Plan.

It is named after Robert Griffith who, in 1901, owned 160 acres north of 36 Avenue and west of 200 Street; a stretch of 200 Street was once named for him.

Councillor Charlie Fox urged caution.

“I have great reservations about this,” he said, adding that he would like more details that show the major road network and other infrastructure data.

“We have some transportation issues in Brookswood,” Fox said, pointing to inadequate routes to Surrey and too few north-south routes.

Councillor Kim Richter agreed.

“We don’t want to see some of the same problems we fell into in Willoughby,” she said, citing in particular planning for schools.

Willoughby, which currently has a population of about 20,000, less than half of the 50,000 planners envisage when it is fully built out, has suffered chronic overcrowding in its schools for many years.

“I think we should move ahead,” Councillor Steve Ferguson said.

“We should be proactive, engage citizens and be open and transparent,” he said.

Council approved the Griffith Neighbourhood Plan name, and endorsed the consultation process.

It begins with a series of workshops, the first two of which are already fully booked.

The third is on Wednesday, Oct. 17, from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

For the location and to register, call 604 533-6154 or email by Oct. 10.