Election 2014: Rick Green’s business is inactive, he says

Its website stayed up even though the business has not been active since 2012.

Rick Green says his business, Rick Green Associates, is inactive and, despite a current website, has done no work since it was set up.

He spoke to The Times Wednesday to clarify details about the business, referred to in a story in Tuesday’s Times. The story stated that one of his associates in the business, Ian Cameron, set up the website for the Unelection Campaign.

Green said that even though the business was called Rick Green Associates, each of the individuals listed operated independently, to offer a variety of specialty services.

It was set up following his defeat in the last municipal election, in November, 2011. However, it never received any contracts, he says.

He went on to say that he decided not to pursue any business in January or February of 2012, when, after consulting with his family, he decided to retire from all paid work.

The website remained active however, and he says he had forgotten about it. When it was drawn to his attention again, after he decided to run for mayor in Langley Township, he felt it would raise even more questions if it was taken down.