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Fake gold scam resurfaces in Langley and Richmond

Even if someone wasn’t fooled, they should report the attempt, police say
Some of the fake gold jewelry con artists use to convince people they are getting a huge deal from a desperate seller. (RCMP)

Once again, a con artist has suckered someone into spending money on fake gold.

Sometime referred to as the Dubai gold scam, the crook spins a tale of financial woe, and claims to be so desperate they are willing to sell their gold jewelry for far less than its worth.

Usually, the victims discover the gold is fake when they try to sell it.

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This time, some people in Langley and Richmond heard the pitch, and at least one person fell for it.

On Saturday, Nov. 27, Richmond RCMP Economic Crime Unit said it has identified a series of frauds “where the suspects allegedly attempted to sell fake gold and jewelry under the guise of needing financial assistance.”

There were four incidents in a four-day period in Richmond and one in Langley, an RCMP release said.

While a number of the victims turned down the suspects, in one case a victim was allegedly defrauded of $ 2500.00.

Cpl. Adriana O’Malley said the “modus operandi resurfaces periodically in Richmond and across the Lower Mainland.”

“The fact is these fraudsters use various tactics, including playing to peoples’ emotions, including bringing children with them,” O’Malley warned.

“We can’t stress enough if someone approaches you on the street offering to sell you gold or jewelry, regardless of their explanation, say no.”

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In at least one case in Richmond, the attempted fraud was not reported to police.

O’Malley said reporting these types of incidents, even attempted frauds, to police is important, because it allows police to attend and investigate these occurrences and identify the individual(s) involved.

If approached, Richmond RCMP advise people to immediately walk away and when it’s safe to do so, report the incident to the police of jurisdiction.

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