Flooding has closed the 264th St. on-ramp to Hwy. 1 in Aldergrove. (Drive BC)

Flooding has closed the 264th St. on-ramp to Hwy. 1 in Aldergrove. (Drive BC)

Updated: Flooding closes Hwy. 1 on-ramp at 264th St. in Aldergrove

Multiple road closures announced by Township

Flooding closed the eastbound Hwy. 1 on-ramp to 264th in Aldergrove on Sunday morning, Nov. 28.

A DriveBC.ca advisory advised motorists to watch for crews and drive with care.

READ MORE: Flooding advisory issued for Langley

A flooding advisory was issued by the Township of Langley on Saturday, Nov. 27.

It warned updated rainfall and river flow projections are now “indicating the potential for flooding in a number of areas across Langley.”

Residents were asked to take proactive flooding prevention steps on property and ensure that drains and other drainage-related infrastructure are functioning properly.

Anyone seeing pooling of water or flooding on the street, is asked to call the Engineering Division at 604-532-7300 between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm. For after-hours flooding emergencies, call 604-543-6700.

Opened Roads

The following roads have been reopened as of 4:30 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 28:

  • 216 St (3100 Block)
  • 272 St (5400 Block)

Current Road Closures

The following roads are closed due to flooding and/or slope stability issues:

  • 0 Ave (21900 Block)
  • 6 Ave (west of 240 St)
  • 24 Ave (20900 Block)
  • 24 Ave (21200 Block)
  • 28 Ave (26100 Block)
  • 40 Ave (west of 216 St)
  • 43 Ave (east of 272 St)
  • 84 Ave (25700 Block)
  • 102b Ave (west of 208 St)
  • 202 St (near 25 Ave)
  • 207 St (2700 Block)
  • 208 St (north of Yeoman’s)
  • 210 St (north of 24 Ave)
  • 210 St (2700 Block)
  • 210a St (north of 56 Ave)
  • 211 St (north of 56 Ave)
  • 216 St (south of 6 Ave)
  • 224 St (2000 Block)
  • 227 Crescent (76b Ave)
  • 232 St (south of 40 Ave)
  • 232 St (1200 Block)
  • 240 St (3500 Block)
  • 248 St (1400 Block)
  • 256 St (8600 Block)
  • 272 St (0 Ave)
  • 272 St (4300 Block)
  • 272 St (south of 32 Ave)
  • Rawlison Cres (23400 Block)

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The second in a series of atmospheric rivers moved in Saturday bringing steady rainfall that Environment Canada doesn’t expect to let up until Sunday afternoon. However, a third atmospheric river, possibly one of even greater intensity, is forecast to arrive on Tuesday.

An evacuation order has been issued for the Huntingdon Village area of Abbotsford.

Residents have been told they must leave the area immediately as emergency crews work to support the evacuation effort.

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