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Giving back to Children’s Hospital

Jason Bunville and his family and friends have already raised several hundreds of dollars for B.C.'s top pediatric hospital.
Jason Bunville and his daughters Kalyn and Kasey Mary are raising funds for BC Children’s Hospital in appreciation of their treatment of Kasey’s leukemia. Kasey’s cancer is now in remission.

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to clean out empty bottles and cans why don't you take them all to the Aldergrove Bottle & Return-it Depot and donate the proceeds to the BC Children's Hospital?

That is what Jason Bunville and his family and friends have been doing and they've already raised several hundreds of dollars for the province's top pediatric hospital. He is asking others to do the same and help his family present a large cheque to the BC Children's Hospital's telethon in July.

Jason's youngest daughter, Kasey Mary will turn three years old on January 24, thanks in no small part to the life-saving treatment she received at BC Children's Hospital.

Kasey was diagnosed with leukemia in May of 2010. Monthly treatments of chemo at Children's Hospital and Surrey Memorial Hospital's cancer unit finished in September and her cancer is in remission.

Jason and his wife, Tara, along with their five year old daughter, Kalyn, wanted to do something special for BC Children's Hospital. So he approached the recycling centre (27482 Fraser Highway, next to Diamond Bar Equipment and the Royal Bank/Safeway) and the operators agreed to set up an account which the public can donate the proceeds from their empties to.

"Just tell the recycling centre you want to donate your empties to the BC Children's Hospital and they will put it in that account and give you a receipt," said Jason.

"Then in July I will take the cheque from the Recycling Centre and present it to the hospital at their telethon."

And while you're dropping off bottles and cans, feel free to dispose of your old small appliances, electronics, batteries and paint for recycling (note that there is a small fee for some items). The Aldergrove recycling depot is newly renovated and is open seven days a week.

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