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Hundreds of cars take to streets of Langley night before Cruise-In

Informal event saw police pull over at least one driver

An unofficial car show hit the streets of Langley City on Friday night, with hot rods, classic cars, and a significant number of RCMP watching for dangerous driving.

“It’s not regulated,” said one spectator, who declined to give his name. That meant you didn’t know what would happen, he added.

The Langley Good Times Cruise-In officially begins on Saturday mornings, but with so many hot rods and classic cars shined up for the big day, for many years, people have been using the night before to show them off. The Friday events are not organized by the Cruise-In society.

Usually, the informal events take place in downtown Langley City, despite the Cruise-In’s move in 2017 to Aldergrove.

An informal cruising route usually takes drivers in a square that includes Fraser Highway, 200th Street, Industrial Avenue or Logan Avenue, and 203rd Street.

Some nearby residents and car lovers bring out folding chairs and watch the events from the sidewalks, especially along Fraser.

Kenny Berg and his friend Wendy Turner were among those who were sitting along Fraser Highway, watching some of the cars go by.

Berg was also going to do some cruising around later himself, in his green Creature Crate, a hot rod themed after the 1950s The Creature From the Black Lagoon film.

“That’s my favourite movie of all time,” he said.

He said he’s worked on the car for about 10 years since he bought it, upgrading the engine, transmission, paint job, and accessories.

Berg said they would take the Creature Crate for a cruise around town, just going where the traffic took them.

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There were significant issues with unsanctioned pre-show burnouts in 2009, but after the Cruise-In returned from a hiatus year in 2010, there have been fewer issues. Langley RCMP have typically kept an eye on the informal events.

Industrial was busy again this year, with cars parked and driving by, and hundreds of spectators.

At least one vehicle was pulled over by the RCMP. Witnesses said the driver drifted around the corner from 200th Street and was quickly pulled over by police.

Another driver sent a cloud of smoke into the air from burning tires before speeding off down a narrow alley that runs between Industrial and Fraser Highway, despite the police presence.

The official Cruise-In takes place Saturday, Sept. 10, in downtown Aldergrove.

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