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Hwy. 7 congested west of Agassiz as cleanup continues

Highway between Agassiz and Hope remains restricted
Highway 7 between Agassiz and Mission has been congested throughout the day as the roadway opens up after last week’s landslide. (Screenshot/Google Maps)

The Lougheed Highway is gradually returning to normal.

Following last week’s major mudslide and floods, there are no longer restrictions on travel west of Agassiz (through the Mount Woodside/Harrison Mills area) between Highlands Boulevard and Bodnar Road. However, there have been multiple reports of congestion and continued road work along Highway 7 from Agassiz onward with some saying it took between three to four hours to reach Mission from Agassiz, a trip that would normally take under an hour.

Traffic between Agassiz and Hope remains restricted to essential travel only. Checkpoints remain in place and travel restrictions are enforced.

In any case, drivers are advised to driver to conditions and continue to watch for road crews.

The Ministry of Transportation states essential travel includes:

  • Transporting essential goods and supplies (fuel, food, water, etc.)
  • Transporting livestock or agricultural products
  • Returning to a farm to care for animals
  • Responding to search and rescue and other emergency operations
  • Urgent medical treatments
  • Transporting essential personnel
  • Highway repair and maintenance
  • Returning to your principal home
  • Assisting vulnerable or at-risk people
  • Exercising an Indigenous or treaty right

The District of Kent and Harrison Hot Springs remain under states of local emergency.

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