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Ahead of Oct. 15, the Advance Times offers a profile and Q&A opportunity to each candidate
Jennifer Elderkin is running for a councillor’s seat in Langley City. (Special to Langley Advance Times)

Jennifer Elderkin

Applied science technologist, Township of Langley stormwater manager, age 46

Uplands resident who’s lived in Langley City 10-plus years

In 2004 I started volunteering on the City of Langley parks and environment advisory committee.

I have experience working for two municipalities, a developer, an engineering firm, and a non-profit (YVR).

We have three children in the Langley school district, and we have been involved with many other community groups.

I believe you will find my mix of work and life experiences a great combination for a seat on council.

I enjoy getting involved and giving back to my community.

To learn more about me and what you would gain by electing me, please visit and follow my facebook page and YouTube channel.

You can also connect with me by phone or email

Please get to know your candidates and vote.



Phone: 604-614-1780

Have you held office in past? If so, please specify: No.




(These answers are presented as the candidates submitted them)

1. Should Langley City have its own, separate RCMP detachment?

No, but I think we should have more community police offices and definitely should plan to have one near the skytrain station.

2. Should the City create a performing arts venue within the next council term?

Don’t know. I would need more information to make an informed decision.

3. Does the City need more overpasses to reduce train-caused traffic delays?

Don’t know. I would need more information to make an informed decision.

4. Should the City set targets for the creation of more low-income and seniors rental spaces, social housing units, and/or co-op development to improve home security?

Yes, housing security is definitely something that concerns me.

5. Are City taxes too high?

No, but I think we can be more prudent with our tax revenue to get the most bang for tax dollars collected.

6. Is the City’s population growing too fast?


7. Should the City institute pay parking in some downtown areas?

Don’t know, with Skytrain coming I think we will need to look at feasibility of instituting some pay parking and parking strategies to account for this change in our City.

8. Will the arrival of SkyTrain change Langley City for the better?

Yes. I think, overall, it will as long as we plan well.

I worked at YVR when Canada Line was brought to YVR. I understand the concerns, and if we plan well we can mitigate potential negative impacts.

9. Can municipal staff and council do more to attract new green and high-tech businesses to open in Langley City?

Don’t know. I’m not sure what efforts have been made to date.

10. Does the City have a handle on the problems created by homelessness?

No, my observations are that homelessness has increased and safety is a growing concern for all residents (homeless included). I would like to see more actions taken, more partnerships formed to help improve home security.





How the questions were presented to each candidate

Langley Advance Times readers have repeatedly told us how much they value this important, straight-forward reference guide that helps orient them with the range of choices on the ballots – both at the council and school board levels.

Towards that end, we have attempted to make this package available (along with the following instructions) to each of the candidates in a timely fashion ahead of the Oct. 15 election.

Please read carefully before you start to fill this out.

To help voters in Langley make their choices on election day, the Langley Advance Times is asking local candidates 10 issue-based questions.

You must provide a ‘yes,’ a ‘no,’ or a ‘don’t know’ (Y, N, D) response to EACH of these questions.

Each question MUST be answered with yes (Y), no (N), or Don’t Know (D). This will be published in a grid in the Oct. 6 edition. Any questions not answered will be LEFT BLANK.

Candidates may also expand on ANY OR ALL of these questions (to a maximum of 200 words each). Please note any responses longer than that will be cut off at the 201-word mark.

Due to space limitations, we can only guarantee to run one of these answers in the Langley Advance Times print edition ahead of the election. You must CLEARLY indicate which expanded answer you want to see published in print. If you do not specify, we will choose. Any and all expanded answers provided will be published online at


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