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‘Justin Trudeau’s budget is a massive letdown for Canadians in Langley—Aldergrove:’ MP Van Popta

Member of Parliament reacts to 2021 Federal budget
Tako van Popta, MP for Langley-Aldergrove. (file photo)

“Justin Trudeau’s budget is a massive letdown for Canadians in Langley—Aldergrove,” said Tako van Popta, Member of Parliament for Langley—Aldergrove.

“Unemployed Canadians hoping to see a plan to create new jobs, workers who have had their wages cut and hours slashed hoping to see a plan to reopen the economy, and families that can’t afford more taxes are all going to be letdown by this budget,” he explained.

“The Prime Minister wants to test an out of control debt plan without any real stimulus, one that abandons the natural resource sector entirely, and provides no real fiscal anchor,” van Popta continued. “This Ottawa knows best approach will continue to lead to ballooning housing prices, higher taxes, and growing risk of inflation that will leave millions of Canadians behind.”

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He asked where the plan to grow the economy long term, to improve our innovation and international competitiveness, and to streamline our bureaucracy was?

“Without these tools in place, their record high spending will lead to inflation and higher interest rates,” van Popta said.

The federal government is diving into the deep end of child care, promising billions in new spending for provinces to create spaces and drive down fees.

The Liberals’ 2021 budget doesn’t commit or estimate how many new spaces could be created by the spending, focusing instead on the cost to parents.

The plan would aim to see an average drop in fees next year by 50 per cent for preschooler daycare spaces.

Around $17 billion is promised to be spent in the years ahead to promote a “green” recovery out of the COVID-19 pandemic and create jobs.

Also promised was 18 billion over the next five years to try to narrow the socio-economic gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and to help these communities fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I have spoken with many workers and business owners in Langley and Aldergrove who need help but for one reason or other do not qualify for the government’s COVID relief programs,” van Popta said. “It is difficult to understand how a government can spend so much borrowed money and yet leave so many Canadians feeling abandoned.”

He concluded that Canadians can be confident that with Canada’s Recovery Plan, Canada’s Conservatives will help secure their personal finances, recover millions of jobs, and grow the economy.

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