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MAP: COVID-19 positive tests rise 28% from August to September in Langley

As of Sept. 30, the number of reported cases increased to 290 from 219 in August, BC CDC reports
This map illustrates the number of COVID-19 test positive cases in B.C. communities from January 1 to Sept. 30, 2020. (BC CDC map)

After the first month of schools re-opening the number of positive tests for coronavirus cases in Langley have increased 28 per cent from August to July, according to the B.C. Centre for Disease Control.

As of Sept. 30 the number of test positive cases recorded in Langley rose from 219 to 280, cumulatively, the provincial health authority reports.

Last month saw an increase of 59 percent from July to August – a sharper increase than August to September.

For context, the most recently available census figures from 2016 report the Township with a population of 117,285, and the City with 25,888.

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Langley is still reporting fewer test positive cases than its neighbours to the west and east.

In Surrey, during the same cumulative period, the number of cases jumped from 1,005 to 1,814 as of Sept. 30. – an 80 per cent increase.

Last month Surrey recorded a 93 per cent increase from July to August after the number of reported cases nearly doubled from 521 to 1,005.

Surrey has a population of around 517,887, according to 2016 census figures.

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Meanwhile, Abbotsford recorded 655 test positive cases, cumulatively, as of Sept. 30 – an increase of 17 per cent from August to September.

Census figures from 2016 recorded Abbotsford’s population around 141,397.

On Monday, provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry reported 499 new COVID-19 cases over the weekend, as well as two deaths.

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B.C. saw two days of record-breaking cases, as the province reported 172 new cases from Friday to Saturday and then reached a new high with 174 cases from Sunday to Monday. Saturday to Sunday saw 153 new cases.

The latest numbers will be announced by Henry during a Tuesday afternoon media briefing.


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