No one helps teen having a seizure in Langley

Teen said there were lots of people around when she was lying on the sidewalk unconscious.

On Monday, 18-year-old Tavia Marlatt had an epileptic seizure on the sidewalk near Langley City Hall. No one stopped to help.

“It was in the middle of the day, near that construction zone (the new Timms Community Centre), and I was lying there unconscious and no one came to see if I was OK,” said Marlatt.

“When I regained consciousness I stood up and walked to my boyfriend’s house. But I couldn’t believe no one did anything in that busy of an area.”

Marlatt has had epilepsy since she was seven years old. She now lives independently, despite her seizures.

Because of her negative experience on Monday, she wants to remind people about what to do when someone is having a seizure.

Lie the person on their side, move any objects away from them and wait for the seizure to end.

Do not try to hold the person, or put anything in their mouth, she stressed.

“There was this myth a long time ago that we can choke on our tongue, so something should be put in our mouth. We can’t choke on our tongue,” she said.

She believes there still needs to be much more awareness about epilepsy.

“I don’t have a physical disability that you can see, so it was hard in school when I would have a seizure,” she said. She said she was bullied and beaten up.

She said she has spoken to schools about epilepsy to raise awareness and to try to remove some of the stigma.