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Police busy on the bridge

A Langley RCMP sweep for motorists with deliberately altered licence plates on the Golden Ears Bridge didn’t find many drivers trying to fool the computerized cameras that record plate numbers for toll charges.

But they found a whole lot of other issues during a two-hour period recently.

There is no doubt people are tricking the cameras.

In October, 2010, an altered licence plate was seized from a vehicle crossing the bridge, and the stats show the number of vehicles crossing doesn’t match the number billed.

During the afternoon drive, officers started looking for toll evaders.

They were also hunting for motorists using hand-held cell phones, driving without their seat belts, and other infractions.

During that time, only five drivers were cited for licence plate violations, one of which involved a missing front plate.

Police were far busier writing tickets for other infractions including:

• failure to produce driver’s licence (2);

• commercial vehicle violation (pre-trip or logbook incorrect) (2);

• distracted driving (5);

• failure to wear seatbelt (13);

• operating a vehicle with no mud flaps (1);

• tinted and/or cracked windows (2);

• failing to display ‘N’ sign (1); and

• equipment warning notices (4).

As the check stop was winding down, a Dodge Dakota with two occupants was pulled over. The driver of the pickup truck was not wearing his seatbelt.

He was also hauling a large quantity of marijuana.

Police are recommending a charge of possession for the purpose of trafficking for the occupants, both 22 years old and from Langley.

They have been released from custody to appear in court on April 8.

Langley RCMP say motorists can expect more check stops of this nature throughout February as part of a province-wide awareness campaign to discourage distracted driving.

Dan Ferguson

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