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Provincial budget impacts Langley

The last pre-election B.C. budget was unveiled on Tuesday, and the local MLAs were asked for their reactions.

Langley residents will see some direct changes as a result of the latest provincial budget, from house hunting to filming regulations.

One change highlighted by Langley-Aldergrove MLA Rich Coleman’s office was the change in the boundary for a filming tax credit. It’s been moved from 200th to 196th Streets, to align with Langley’s western boundary.

Funding for the 216th Street highway interchange, already announced, was confirmed.

The budget also increases the threshold on the property transfer tax for first-time home buyers, raising it to $500,000 from $475,000.

With Langley growing fast and a destination for many new buyers, that is likely to impact a number of new and existing residents.

The province is also pledging another $10 million to fight invasive plants. Local environmental groups have long battled weeds like purple loosestrife in Langley’s waterways.


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