Teens arrested after vandalism at Poppy

If they’d stopped at dumping fake “snow” in front of the main entrance to D.W. Poppy Secondary School, it would have been nothing more than a harmless prank, warranting nothing worse than a trip to the principal’s office.

But because four teens went on to decorate the outside window shutters of the school with obscene graffiti and smash a window, police have now become involved in the Thursday night incident outside the school at 23752 – 52 Ave.

One is a former student, while the others were still attending classes at D.W. Poppy.

They are accused of dumping a waist-high pile of ice shavings from a local ice arena in front of the main door to the school late Thursday night.

Vandals used a spray can to cover the roll-down security shutters over the lower windows of the school with graffiti that consisted of crudely-sketched and obscene cartoons, a photo posted to Facebook showed.

A small upper window was broken as well. It’s one of the most serious incidents of vandalism ever recorded at the school.

One teen was arrested and later released.

RCMP are recommending charges of criminal mischief to property against three 17-year-olds and one 18-year-old.

School maintenance crews were called in Friday, and painted over the graffiti and repaired the window in just over two hours.