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VIDEO: Jansen invokes 2000 Trudeau encounter with reporter during gender violence debate

Claoverdale Langley City MP also said violent porn is a ‘root cause’ of geneder-based violence

Cloverdale – Langley City MP Tamara Jansen took aim at the prime minister during a debate on a resolution to condemn gender-based violence.

“It is absolutely no wonder that a young, wealthy, elite politician’s son could come to the conclusion that groping a female reporter is perfectly acceptable,” Jansen declared.

“It is no wonder that he believes he experienced things differently than she did. Of course he did. When we regularly portray women as objects, taking that object in hand is no different than grabbing a beer from the fridge.”

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It appeared to be a reference to an incident involving Trudeau in 2000, that resurfaced in 2018.

A reporter said Trudeau touched her inappropriately at an event in Creston that was raising money for the Avalanche Foundation, a charity Trudeau became involved with after his brother, Michel, died in an avalanche in 1998.

Trudeau confirmed that he had apologized to the woman the day after “because I sensed that she was not entirely comfortable with the interaction that we had,” but did not feel he had “acted inappropriately in any way.”

During the debate on the resolution, Jansen said when it comes to ending violence against women, “we need to look at some of the root causes,” Jansen said.

“I think one of the most glaringly obvious causes that we seem to gloss over is the prevalence of pornography in our society,” Jansen declared, especially “violent pornography” that is easily accessed online

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“How can we expect our young men to grow up consuming this horrific material and expect to have a society where women are treated with the respect and honour that they deserve?” Jansen said.

“We really need to look at how our culture is failing to treat women with the respect and honour they deserve,” Jansen went on to say.

“We also need to make sure that women know where their value truly lies. “

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